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Oscar Swartz, b. 1959, is a Swedish writer, entrepreneur, and internet veteran.
Since 1992 he has contributed regularly to Swedish media on technology, culture, society, sexuality and everything digital. His monthly column in Computer Sweden, the nation’s leading IT publication, has gained him many fans. He has consistently stood up for freedom of communications, as an entrepreneur, writer, conference speaker and blogger. He has also defended sexual freedom, and introduced the American social critic and free-thinking feminist professor Camille Paglia to Sweden in 1993.
Oscar Swartz has authored several papers for think-tank Timbro, whose motto is “Free markets, individual liberties and open societies”. The latest reports, in 2006 and 2008, revealed and analyzed the overwhelming stream of legislation and proposals for state control and surveillance of communications, that were imposed upon the citizens.
As a special correspondent for Wired.com, the San Francisco-based digital lifestyle and technology publication, he covered the trial of The Pirate Bay in Stockholm, the notorious file-sharing site. His latest book contribution is found in a volume called After the Pirate Bay, published by National Library of Sweden, where leading thinkers speculate about the future of culture in a digital world, where file-sharing cannot be stopped.
As an entrepreneur Oscar Swartz founded Bahnhof in 1994, Sweden’s oldest independent ISP. He left the firm after ten years, but Bahnhof still retains his freedom of speech ideology; it acted main hoster for Wikileaks when the Cablegate files were released. In 1995 Swartz co-founded what has become the largest LGBT publishing group in Scandinavia, QX. He was also one of the earliest profiles that publicly stated his support for the Pirate Party, the political movement that started in Sweden.
Oscar Swartz has a degree from Stockholm School of Economics and was a Fulbright Fellow as a Ph.D. student at Columbia University in New York.
He currently shares his time between Stockholm and Berlin.

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