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  • Ultimate Craigslist Guide on March 01, 2012
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    apprise "Ryan, YOU are a God-sent. I've tried LOTS of Fiverr gigs and, although some were informative, it has not produced "real" results. Promises of hundreds of thousand visitors to my website has not, to this date, generated more than 1/2 dozen leads. I was ready to give up, then I found You!! mike_m "Hey Ryan Good book with useful information about using Craigslist to find whatever you are looking for. Now if you just had an answer for the ghosting problem with CL and also how to get around the daily limit with posting ads on CL. Thanks Mike gsccolin "Awesome ebook, These are amazing ideas to make money on Craigslist. I've already started making money from these ideas. Thanks Ryan! opson4 "wow, awesome information. thanks aolnow12 "Very informative, Ryan; great suggestions and well worth the Fiverr. Plan to start implementing your methods immediately so as to achieve my goals. Thanks so much! Kate passportservice "Purchased book for one particular product and got tips for many more free products and services. A lot of unique ideas never thought of. Author provides tip, explanation and personal experience. Recommended. cashadman "cldude2 Thanks for the fast delivery. If you want to learn about Craigslist then get this gig. One strategy alone will pay for itself.Happy Camper !!!!!! knapyhed "quick turnaround. From what I've read so far I've gotten some good tips and real "food for thought" I think I can get more than my $5 worth. Now that I've printed this out my only suggestion is to number the pages danny_losch "Hey Ryan!. Wow, I am blown away by this book!!!…. I just wanted to thank you for the useful information! I've never even thought about using Craigslist for some of this stuff. This book really delivers, and I would love to help you get the word out! Thanks! -Danny dan301 "Wow, what an awesome read! getnoticed "There is something for everybody in this ebook if you are willing to put your thoughts and the author's techniques into action using Craigslist. My favorite line, "live by design, not by default. Thanks for your ideas and the inspiration. A great value for my fiverr. jsh4dey "OMG. This Information is Invaluable and Very Much real! This guy should get sued for selling such a priceless book this low. If you ever come out with anymore books, Make sure to tell me. I'm a fan for life ronduster360 "Awesome Seller. Fast delivery. Great information. Seller seems to really care about buyers. respire "Very interesting information! Money well spent! Thanks! dealmake77 "awesome! tlc7 "Thank you. Quick delivery and awesome information! dblacker "Very creative! calums "Buddy came though, and for $5 you can not go wrong. It is 144 pages, so there is a lot of information there. defonn "GOOD STUFF! THANKS I already set up a free trip to Tampa. davidlt "Really awesome tips and advice. I know I will be able to use many of the ideas mentioned in your book and I'm only half way through! - Thanks! bestservices "This is a GREAT read. Lots of great ideas, and very inspiring. Thanks! mikeintensify "Great insight - Thank You michaelodem "Awesome response, great book. Well done. Good fortune to you and your daughters, M biancag31 "Thank you so much. Congrats on your book and from what I see so far....I'm excited to put all to work. Again, CONGRATS! runninthings "Loved it. You delivered the meat and potatoes!!! Thank you so much!!! fitqueen2011 "Looks great so far, thanks. charlieny "great stuff!!!! Very fast delivery!! Recommended! sammy4711 "thanks! looks interesting tkchung "Ryan provides several methods of generating cash from CL based on his own experiences. A+++ pplicon "excellent read. it's not only about making money, but a story of personal development and self discovery. jazzie "Overall a very good introduction to craigslist as well as the many ways to make income from the site. themadd "Sweet stuff newbyiiir "Good read. Thanks lynchgirl99 "Great info! Thanks! wdavalos "Wow.. tons of information. Thanks! visionaryone "Immediate Gratification! WOW. Great seller. Got within minutes of ordering and looks like a fantastic, heart felt book! Thanks so much. tranceminder "Super Seller. Great product and service. Great communications. Will use again. Thanks very much. Harry mscottj "Awesome! Great information and delivered right on time. euroyen "Great info and fast delivery. I will put this to good use. Thanks blueray "Excellent Book I got a lot of great information that I will utilize immediately. I also had an "Aha" moment when reading "Create you dream job". Book was well written. An easy and interesting read. Thanks!! soldsign "Delivered as promised - here's hoping the book is as good as promised! thaggins "Excellent--Thank you! dmail333 "Looks Fantastic... can't wait to try this dougster77 "Some great info. ryan2746 "nice read with lots of good info. Great gig! robhillman "Great Work, Fast Delivery, Thanks! sandyinca "Thank you. I would have posted a postive experience sooner, but I couldn't stop reading the e-book. Great. Again, thank you. howison "Great information, well organized and received quickly. Thanks, Beth cheryl2x "Thanks. Your ebook is full of very useful information about how to go about getting what you want from Craig's list afitgirl "Thanks! Very Satisfied with The Report. I will Begin to put some ideas to work. A+ work. lovindoggies "Thank you. Interesting information... lquist1 "Thanks for the fast delivery! Very interesting guide, many great tips in here. Well worth the investment! caravanexpress "Excellent information. enterscope_com "Nice Guide thnx for the info xeviouz "Provider is prompt, professional, courteous, and does not require any joining of the CIA to divulge their secrets. You should be aware that they will not accept blood-diamonds or moon rocks in exchange for their product. tropicaljuice "Ebook has great information! :) kbetty8 "GREAT ebook! Meant for the creative who want to be inspired. cldude shows you there are no boundaries, this ebook blew my mind. I am very impressed and hope to implement a couple of your ideas very soon, thank you for sharing your insights. When will you write more????? taskguy "Fast delivery and good product. It mostly deals with U.S.A issues. discovermore "Receiving the information almost instantly... Look forward to reviewing. en5001 "looks good josher "fast delivery jscarterfield "Thank you very much! janeboss "Wonderful gig - easy transaction with seller! shocks "Rather good read. Interesting mindset. sexedtvcom "+++ Terrific Seller! - As promised...thanks! wholesaler "great book!.....can't wait to start trying some of the techniques you share.... thanks..... everyone can benefit from reading this! zkeith2000 "Great Stuff - A+ slickrick33 "Awesome Guy! spacecity "Great info ... very interesting. Thanks. atmnets "ideal seller. just starting to read ebook.. it's huge, detailed, the real mccoy! thank you tommyboyss "Great book!!! losway "Thanks right on time quick with it thanks! nit2win "Great Book!!!! Full Of Great Ideas & Strategys to Make Money on Craiglist.. gamebino "Timely.. great info.. thnx.. Gamebino gabrielm "Overall the book contains valuable info. 1 criticism is that some of the "how-to" sections contain only stories of how "Carl" makes money doing this or that without actually saying exactly *how*, it's a little vague. Maybe break down exactly how to do some of it, but overall good info. freodockers "Thanks. Gee 144 pages, this is no "report" this is indeed a guide to Craigs list. I'm going to enjoy reading it. Thanks nukirk "Fast delivery. The book inspired a lot of ideas that are practical. Lastly, when I read the book and was looking for a good idea to use immediately, the seller contacted me with some ideas. It's a great idea book and would highly recommend! designs57 "I wanted to finish reading this before making my comment on it. This is an excellent product. Clear, concise and stuffed with way more ideas than I could use. No fluff here. Easy to understand and the only reason I can see they wouldn't work is if you don't follow instructions. Thanks! A++++++ mjklein "Fast Delivery!! Excellent Work!1 wgrow69 "Great experience you've shared! adamdanyal "Thanks for the report. Will read. Best wishes jfpobum "Some of the best money I every spent!!! internetdiva "WOW Ryan, this book is AMAZING! You really have put a fire under me. I have used Craigslist to advertise before but never consistently. I am going to work on my plan this week and starting fresh on Monday do what you said. I'm sure you will hear from me :) doogie11 "Indepth angle to craigslist leverage techniques. Great information and ideas. Thanks. multistreams "Great content delivered in both PDF an audio... Thanks! doctorquest2 "I'm only on page 30 and I can't stop reading! I think I'll want to get the physical book version for my library. cocokiss "Highly reccommend as the real deal - BEST Fiverr gig I've bought on here... more than worth the five. Dude, great story ...I've tried a few of the ad ideas already and they really worked!! THX