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  • Shimmerspell: The Shimmer Trilogy, #1 on June 01, 2011

    When Kimberly contacted me to review this for her I was all up for it. Faeries?? Heck yes! As soon as I received the book I decided to read a couple of pages to see what it was like. Those couple of pages turned into reading the whole thing in one sitting. I realize that this is only a novella, but I could not get enough! Spencer created these amazing characters. Jensen, the main character, is absolutely fantastic. She was the kind of girl you could totally see yourself being friends with. She was written so realistically. I loved Jensen's best friend Zoe. She had the most funny and sarcastic dialogue. Some of the things she said literally had me laughing out loud. An example being, "You kind of lose the right to bitch someone out when you're no longer slapping groins." Just typing that made me laugh again! Jensen is a 16 year old high schooler and, as if being a 16 year old is awkward enough, she has to deal with a con artist sister who has them constantly moving from one place to the next. She also finds it strange that she is always being singled out by her teacher, Mr Tanner, who somehow always knows when she is lying. She is also busy trying to discover why Zoe's sister hates her so much and figuring out the mysterious boy who is suddenly interested in her. After a number of events take place, which I won't elaborate on since I don't want to give anything away, Jensen's sister Lauren disappears. Suddenly Jensen is thrown into a faerie world she never knew existed and it's seems her sister may have known about all along. Shimmerspell, the ability to move between worlds, is missing and everyone thinks that Jensen is partially to blame. The plot was fun, fast and intense. We are talking life and death situations! I also loved the dialogue. It a lot of the YA books I read the dialogue seems to old or young for the characters they are portraying, but I think her depiction was pretty spot on. I had so many quotes from this book that I loved. Along with the brilliant characters and dialogue was the plot. It was interesting and totally original. It was such a fun read and I HIGHLY recommend it! My only complaint about this one? It wasn't near long enough. I wanted more! I still do! She is currently working on the follow up, Limerick, and I can't wait for it.