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  • Velvet Dawn (The Red Velvet Trilogy) on March 02, 2013

    Velvet Dawn by Mina J. Moore This prequel into The Red Velvet Trilogy captures the upcoming drama and heat that we all have come to expect from Mina J. Moore. Insurgents are a big threat to the local vampires aka Legion aka Good Vampires. Sylvain refuses to stay home on this Halloween Night, the night that her brother Silas tells her that of the rumor that the Insurgents are supposed to attack the local legion. Sylvain goes to the local vampire club thinking she will be safe with all the vampires around her. Being a shifter she is not without her fighting skills. She hooks up with another shifter Ronnie and things really heat up at The Velvet Dawn. This is one hot book , yes it is short, it is a prequel. That doesn't stop the this book from being great. I was hooked immediately and the story did stop to soon for me! The sizzling sex and the fighting scene was very well written. I look forward to reading more of this series. Oh and this book is free on smashwords!!! 5 STARS Patches
  • Director's Cut on May 21, 2013

    Jack Tyler comes to small town Millersburg, with a past in acting and directing her offers to help the small community theater group. What he didn't count on was schoolteacher Molly Brighton. The attraction is intense for the both of them. Fight it they will. With Jay working behind the scenes to get these two together they never had a chance! What a great romance story! This is book 3 in the (Millersburg Quartet). Right away the reader is captured with such stunning and masterfully written words I was swept away. I had to read this at 1 sitting didn't want this to end. I laughed and I cried, then I did a fist pump! I highly recommend this book, just curl up and enjoy! 5 STARS Patches
  • Dirty Politics on May 21, 2013

    Cam Kenyon came back to Millersburg after finishing college. She is now a psychologist. 1 of the fantastic 4 as her and her friends call each other, Cam is sensible one yet she still crushes on Noah Denton from High School. Cam's father is running in the local elections and her mother ropes into helping him. Noah who is running for the DA is at all the same functions. The undercurrents of sexual want and need run rampant between Cam and Noah witch cause issues with her father and his friends. Cam overhears her father and his friends playing Dirty Politics and tells Noah. Cam and Noah are now even more in the public eye, where a monster now stalks them. I love this book!! Romance, Mystery, Suspense all in 1 book! The details down to even the omelets puts you right there in the story line. Just where I want to be when reading. I highly recommend this book and the rest of the series! All masterfully written. 5 STARS Patches