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Paddy’s Daddy Publishing is an independent, Scottish publisher run by Mark Wilson. With years of experience in writing, manuscript editing, reviewing and in business we also have a several of our own publications in the Fiction genre.

We are seeking the most engaging stories that exhibit interesting character development and gripping plots. We aim to provide talented authors with the quality representation and presentation that their books deserve.

Above all, we wish to empower authors; ensuring that they maintain full creative control and a generous royalty percentage.

Here at Paddy's Daddy we are committed to placing quality above commerciality, whilst still giving you the best assistance in marketing and promotion.

We very much want to work with your input at every stage of the process. We have enlisted the assistance of freelance editors, proof-readers, graphic designers and formatters to assist us in making your book the best that it can be.

Paddy’s Daddy distributes eBooks to Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Apple iBooks. Paddy’s Daddy releases books in paperback through Print on Demand via Barnes & Noble, Amazon and various other outlets.

Paddy’s Daddy is looking for the most engaging stories, displaying high quality writing and interesting characters. Manuscripts should be fully completed and proofread before submission to us. No Works in progress. We do accept novellas, providing that they are of the required standard, but no short stories please, except for short-story collections.

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