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PaganArchy Press is all about bringing quality books to the reader who likes a touch of magic in their reading material. Although we have company status for tax purposes, we are a collective of real people who vet submissions through a selection committee and edit meticulously to maintain professional quality of all selections.

We will be growing quickly in the next few months with four titles currently under review or edit to add to our current catalogue of titles and expect many more to come.

We publish in the Print-On-Demand and E-book markets to make our titles easily available to readers at minimal cost. We are currently printing hard copy through and expanding our E-book presence so that all of our titles will become available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers in all formats, including PDF.

We are also author-centric in our royalty percentages and do everything we can to support our authors and treat them fairly. Our ethics are high and our philosophy resonates with Co-Operative, Fair Trade and Green issues. We are the people. We are you, and our purpose is to provide reading material that transcends the corporate formulae yet keeps the high standards of professional quality in both content and format of the books we provide for your reading pleasure.

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