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  • Echo Island on March 13, 2013
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    I came to enjoy Echo Island much more than I had initially thought I would. Since it was about the usual supernatural species (vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, etc.) I had feared that it might fall short in the plot and originality departments, however, I am glad to say I didn't find that to be the case. Overview: The story follows a group of supernatural beings who are sent to an island for an event called the "fundur" that occurs once every 100 years. The "fundur" is meant to allow each of the groups to send two representatives in order to negotiate with the other groups and decide whether alliances or war will better serve their respective subspecies. They are all called "Mirror Warriors" and are all immortal beings. The two main characters we are introduced to are a young shifter named Harper and a 700 year old vampire named Cassandra. Cassandra is known well throughout the mirror warrior community for being not only ruthless but also a player. She decided early on that she would never let a man hold her down and that commitment and relationships were something that didn't appeal to her. However, once on the island neither her nor Harper can deny that they feel a strong attraction for one another that goes beyond a strictly physical one. It is said that all mirror warriors have one true mate in life and that if they come across this mate in their lifetime a marking will appear on both parties after the first time they are intimate. Mates are meant to be a lifelong thing for mirror warriors and aren't something that is taken lightly among their kind. However, after the first time Harper and Cass are intimate no markings show up on either party and they begin to realize that they really might not be meant for one another. However their feelings that they share some form of connection cannot be denied by either party. As the "fundur" is scheduled to begin, strange things begin to happen on the island and mirror warriors begin to disappear and turn up injured or not return at all. Finally the owner of the island and head of the "fundur", Hasley, is forced to go searching for the source of the problems, as not only is he responsible for the safety of all those on the island but he also has some secrets of his own that make their current situation all the more troubling to him. As the events and attacks begin to spiral out of control the mirror warriors can only hope that they can catch the threat before it takes them all out and Cass and Harper have to make it through this alive if they want to find out what lies beyond their attraction. My Thoughts: I actually went into this book not knowing that it was the second in a series and I have to say that even without having read the previous novel this book stood perfectly well on its own in my opinion. The plot, although not overly complex, was interesting and the pacing of the story never left me feeling bored or like the story was being dragged out. The characters all felt like they had their own personalities and none felt to generic. The two main leads Cassandra and Harper made for an interesting pair and definitely left me wanting to know if they would end up together in the end. Having read a fair amount of supernatural genre stories in my life, I can honestly say that this story didn't fall prey to many of the stereotypes that some do. The fact that they even went outside the normal groups (werewolf, vampire, witch, shifter) and even added in some additional mythological creatures such as the valkyries, selkies, sirens, and demons also helped give the story a bit more variety. All in all, I gave the story 3/5 stars and would have given it 4/5 stars if it hadn't been for the numerous spelling and grammatical errors throughout the story. It was still readable, however, I definitely feel that another proofread and edit could make this story alot more solid and professional looking. Bottom-Line: I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys supernatural romance/mystery stories as long as they can overlook some typographical errors. **I was given this book in exchange for an honest review**