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Hey All! I am a professional tattoo artist/piercer, manicurist/esthetician, and the author of 4 works of fiction and 3 non fiction books. I love to cook, write, garden and talk about all kinds of politically incorrect things! I have two almost grown sons and 3 four legged kids!

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A Life Well Made
Price: $19.99 USD. Words: 91,590. Language: English. Published: November 30, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
A Life Well Made easily marries psychology, spirituality,metaphysiology and common sense to create a"life map" everyone needs to own! It doesn't matter what you believe about life, why you think you are here, or what you think your purpose is, the only thing I am sure of is you are here to be happy. In today's world that seems almost impossible. . . but it isn't!
Winds of Change
Price: $3.95 USD. Words: 126,830. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Plays & Screenplays, Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
All Jade Talbott dreamed about was the day she would kill Andrew Lee, the man responsible for her best friend’s death. But after three years of nurturing her anger she let it go, relieved to not be weighed down by it anymore. But fate was not done with her when Andrew walked back into her world, made his presence known and his intentions to once again turn her world up side down.
City of Lost Angels, Book 2 in the Bloodline Legacy series
Price: $3.95 USD. Words: 107,840. Language: English. Published: August 25, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary, Fiction » Adventure » General
Book two in the Bloodline Legacy series begins where book one left off. Cut off from the tunnel back to the safety of their dome,the Keyalo must now learn to live in prehistoric North America with the help of Lane and Navi who have been trapped in the past. Lane realizes the only way they, and the Keyalo, will survive the coming Ice Age, is to get them south to warmer weather. Will they make it?
Rapture, a Bloodline Legacy novel
Price: $3.95 USD. Words: 95,100. Language: English. Published: August 24, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
The lines between a newly found, ancient civilization and our world are blurred as archeologist Lane Lobrado and artist Navi Tenshi travel through time and space to bring to light the true beginnings of man and the ancent ones' existence on earth today. Are you a descendant of the Keyalo, children of the dome, angels that walk our world?
Zenful Living-A Simple Guide to Bring Financial, Physical and Spiritual Balance Back Into Your Life
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 17,670. Language: English. Published: July 23, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Religion and self-improvement, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Mental health
Zenful living is just what the name implies: peace, contentment, balance. Today's hectic schedules and uncertain economic climate has left most of us frazzled, stressed and wondering how we will cope from day to day. With just a few changes in four connected areas of your life, you will find your balance, your zen, coming back to stay.
Sophia's Garden
Price: Free! Words: 3,430. Language: English. Published: July 16, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Short stories
How does one young woman handle the possibility of death? What does she teach those close to her, and possibly you, about living? Enter Sophia's garden to find out.
The Grab and Go HCG Diet Meal Planning System
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 12,190. Language: English. Published: June 21, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Cooking, Food, Wine, Spirits » Diet cooking
Even if you have been living under a rock you have heard about the HCG diet. The key to this diet is not only the HCG hormone but very specific portions. Most recipes are for single servings. Who has time? This book teaches you to make multiple servings and throw the extra in the freezer or refrigerator for easy 'grab and go' meals that help keep you on track to success!
Phoenix Featherstone and the Book of Souls
Price: $3.95 USD. Words: 123,140. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
My name is Phoenix and I just had a bunch of crap dumped on me. First, my grandmother was murdered. Dying wish? wants me to live at her old house in BFE and take over her duties. Imagine my surprise when Mumiah, an angel, informs me I am now the keeper of the Book of Souls. Did I mention I am on the list? My neighbor Liam is hot! How is a girl supposed to juggle angel duties and a hot neighbor?

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