I live in Ireland (I'm an Irish women) in the countryside. I'm interested in sustainability, real food, buying local, bartering, green building and things that involve using your own hands.
I enjoy reading when I can put aside the time and am interested in reading about travel and food (I eat a Paleo/Primal diet - no grains).

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  • The Hidden Camino on July 09, 2016

    I really enjoyed this book, it was a refreshing look at the Camino as I've read a few books on this pilgrimage, perhaps it's because it was written by a woman, or a European instead of an American man. Or perhaps because of the focus on early christianity and paganism in celtic Europe, interests which resonate strongly with me. I'm hoping to walk the Camino next year, the Camino Portugues though as Portugal pulls me more than Spain. We shall see what happens. I know that I now have some great questions for friends of mine who are more deeply read than I when it comes to Cebele, Diana and Mary Magdalene. Ireland of course still has traces of goddess power/connection on some really old churches in the shape of Sile na Gigs, old sculptures which adorn the entrance ways into some of our remaining ancient churches. Other than these symbols I'm unsure how many other symbols are left inside the churches as they have been modernised so much however I know that I'll be looking with new eyes now thanks to this book. As well as the interesting view on the role of woman in early/contemporary religion this book also lists great advice for walkers who have not yet attempted a long walk of this nature. Throughout the book you may learn from the mistakes of others if you so choose, what works well and what doesn't as regards boots, feet, food etc.