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In my own words:

When writing a biography, how does one truly answer the question: Who am I? I could say I write books and poetry, teach literature and writing courses part-time at a university and conduct writing and meditation workshops. I could add that I speak at conferences about my book, myself and other things. I travel on business and for fun, with my most recent ‘fun’ trips including a trek, river rafting adventure and jungle safari in Nepal, a vacation to Hawaii, a visit with my son and his girlfriend in Canada, a whirlwind tour of New York City, a hike into the depths of the Grand Canyon and two 10-day silent meditation retreats just outside of Yosemite and Sun Valley, respectively. I run, hike, bike, ski, garden and dance. I love life.

Or I could speak about how I feel—I’m happy, happier, I think, than I’ve ever been. I’m leading the life I’ve chosen, doing the things I love and being, for the most part, the person I want to be. I still, of course, have much to learn, do and become, but I’m excited about that, all of it.

And I could write about who I’ve been—the mother of two incredible human beings, the former wife of a dear friend, the partner or former partner of some wonderful men who have added—and still add—joy and blessings to my life; the author of one published book and the soon-to-be author of two others; a presenter, life coach and motivational speaker.

But no matter what I say, most of who I am still remains a mystery even to me, for it resides in the secret chambers of my heart; and even I have only occasional glimpses of it now and then—when I look into the eyes of my sons and see their goodness, for example, or when I dance or ski or laugh with the people—or pups—that I love; or when out in nature I feel the power and pulse of every living being within my soul. My greatest achievements are not my books or classes or titles or trips but the love I share with others and the desire I have to make a little bit of difference somehow in this whole, huge, turbulent, beautiful world.

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