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Smashwords book reviews by Pam

  • His Dark Kiss on July 26, 2011

    Gothic historical romance that is dark and full of mystery as the hero and heroine fight the desire that draws them together. Emma Parrish has not had a great life, an illegitimate child that has been raised by aunts that despise her and all that she represents. The aunts decide that she is worth more to them as a piece of property so they decide to “sell” her to a man that will treat her poorly. However before that happens she accepts a governess position at the Manorbrier Castle looking after the son of Lord Anthony Craven. Lord Craven was once married to Emma's cousin who died under strange circumstances and he seems to hold on to many secrets. Son Nicky is the light of Lord Anthony’s life and has had several governesses in his short life, some left on their own but others died mysteriously while employed. There are many unexplained puzzles surrounding the Lord and his castle; why have several governesses suddenly disappeared or died, how did his wife die, why there seems to be bodies being carried into the Round Tower among a few. Also there seems to be something haunting Emma. She hears voices, laughter and someone wants to scare her when they lock her in the ice house. Emma finds herself falling for little Nicky and in turn also drawn to Lord Anthony, they fight the attraction but while trying to solve the mysteries they find they can’t fight it anymore. A true dark romance with mystery and intrigue that holds you until the end.