I'm the author of the Delphic Oracle series of metaphysical historical fantasy fiction. One of my books, The Antikythera and The Source was named Finalist in the 2015 Indie Excellence Book Awards in the Steam Punk category. Some time ago I read this phrase in a 19th century book about Pythagoras- “For one year, Pythagoras taught at the Temple of Delphi, and one of his students was the woman who would become the next Oracle of Delphi, the Pythian Priestess, The Pythia, The Dragon Priestess of the Earth. Her name was Theoclea.”
I wondered about what he might have taught her- and what she taught him! With this seed of an idea I created the quintessential Oracle, Theoclea, a woman possessed of amazing powers of divination...and a developing spirituality. I wrote two books: Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Eleusis and Atlantis, and Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Egypt.
In the Eleusis--Atlantis book...Theoclea represents the quintessential Oracle...the person who ‘sees’...farther and farther into the future...further back in the past...but doesn’t always ‘know’ what she is seeing. She has counselors to help her with the ‘knowing’, and Pythagoras is one of them.
Pythagoras is the quintessential mathematician/scientist, the person who ‘knows’. He is like the scientists of today...perhaps reluctant to study certain subjects,and tell all they know because of peer pressure...and career pressures. Theoclea is ultimately the one who must ‘know’ all...and put it all together, in order to make a pronouncement, and give a definitive answer to a question.
After writing the ‘Theoclea’ books, I wanted to bring my Oracles into the modern world to intervene in lives and events both fictional and non-fictional. I chose Phoebe, the mythical third Oracle of the Temple of Delphi. Phoebe would be more street-savvy than Theoclea, and be able to easily travel through time. She first appears in the book Phoebe (The Delphic Oracle) takes Nikola Tesla to Peru’, and in a full length novel ‘Phoebe (The Delphic Oracle and The Medallion of Gaia’. Nikola Tesla and the Spirit of Nikola Tesla appear in both books.
As a Retired former Board Member of the Tesla Science Foundation, I felt that it was time to devote an entire book to Tesla, inventors, and the Spirit of Nikola Tesla, and so I wrote ‘Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower’. In the book a humorous tongue-in-cheek Mark Twain-like element enters my writing along with steampunk and new age elements that have been added to the alternate history fantasy/ science fiction genre. The last two books are about who Theoclea and Pythagoras become after their passing. After going through many gates realms and Times they become the Source and the Mage. ‘The Antikythera and The Source’ has been out for some time, and ‘The Altamira Caves and The Mage’ is now out in paperback and kindle versions. All of my books deal with different Mysteries of the past, present and future, and there really is no order...each one is a complete book centered on a certain mystery.
After the ‘Altamira’ book I continued my ‘Songs and Stories’ series with ‘Songs and Stories from Electric Mars’. I started two new lines of inquiry with ‘The Delphic Oracles in Egypt and New York’where Interventions into History are involved, and ‘The Steampunk-Electric Puppy’, where Childrens and Young adult book parodies using Steampunk and Modern Mark Twain-like humor can be used to delve into The Mysteries in a different way...using Toys. I am preparing sequels to the last two books, although I must say again that my books are all complete excursions into The Mysteries and can be read in any order. My original character Theoclea often says ‘Mystery always finds me’.


The Delphic Oracles in Egypt and New York
Price: $3.98 USD. Words: 48,340. Language: English. Published: February 6, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Steampunk & retropunk, Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
So you think that you know all about Egypt ca. 500 B.C. and New York in the 1940’s? Well be prepared for some surprises! Get ready for The Spirits of the Delphic Oracles rock! Get ready for some Steampunk and Dieselpunk action, lots of laughter and fun as PanOrpheus takes us on a ride that shows his modern Mark Twain-like sense of humor and knowledge of history. The final moments are Electric!

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