Smashwords book reviews by panzerin

  • Ventures and Investments on Jan. 03, 2022

    RoughDraftHero's stuff is all about messy and complicated, conflicted feelings, bad decisions, and tentatively happy conclusions as the characters find their way back together through the emotional wreckage they have created. This story was an intense ride, and as the emotional stakes continued to ramp up higher and higher, I was no longer able to tell what was a "game" and what was "honest" - I felt perfectly manipulated by the story. The conflict was hot and suspenseful. Maladaptive coping mechanisms, self-dishonesty, and compensating for imagined and real inadequacies is always fascinating to read about. This is a psychological thriller disguised as a romance. As the story goes on, it's slowly revealed what an unreliable narrator Justin is. And ultimately it calls into question everything you thought was going on in the world. Who the hell is Tony? What does he want? By the end, you will understand them both a lot better. If you are looking for a genre-typical HEA ending, I don't think you will be satisfied by the meager sunbeams penetrating the clouds at the end of this tale. All conflict is not resolved. Justin and Tony arrive at A Place, but that place is not blissful accord. (Personally I loved it)