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  • P.N. Elrod Omnibus on June 12, 2011
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    P.N. Elrod writes smart books. And she writes fun books. At the same time. After the vampire craze has finally died down, and “urban fantasy” has become watered-down self-referential clichés, The Vampire Files continue to be among the best series going. It crosses many lines and genres, from vampire and urban fantasy, to pulp and noir. Jack Fleming is charismatic, likable and above all a character we can identify with. He is smart enough to be engaging, and witty enough to be fun. Yet he has no problem with a little two-fisted action, when the situation calls for it. Elrod obviously loves the period in which her books are set, and has researched it well. The stories are immersive and realistic in the settings and language, but can still be easily followed by someone who has not spent far too much time watching Bogart and Hepburn. Not that you CAN spend too much time watching Bogart and Hepburn. All her characters are fully formed three-dimensional people with distinct voices and personalities. There are gunfights, gangsters, vamps (of both varieties), mysteries, intrigue, and sex, and a friendly ghost. Though there are some sexy moments, and some violent ones, overall I would recommend this to an older YA reader, especially one who has shown a proper disdain for vampires of the “sparkly” type. And anyone who likes a damn fine, old fashioned film-noir type pulpy story, with a bit of that old black magic thrown in for spice. Check out Elrod’s stuff. You will not be disappointed.