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  • Johnny Living Dangerously on June 23, 2011

    After reading, reviewing and loving C.J. Ellisson's novel Vampire Vacation, it was my pleasure to take on two novellas she had written while I have been waiting patiently for her second in her series, The Hunt, to be released. I love her smooth writing style, her verve for fun and I love her stories. Johnny Living Dangerously, the first novella, did not disappoint. To order this Kindle book you not only get this complete novella, but chapters of Vampire Vacation and a chapter to whet your appetite for another novella I had the great pleasure to read in its entirety and review for you today as well called More Than Tolerable. Johnny is a male singer for an all female rock band. College students making extra money during summer vacation touring local clubs. The girls are each quite attractive and of course Johnny is smoking hot! Some of the girls are in relationships, but Johnny had made it his mission to bed each one of them by summer's end. This is a sexy romp into the beds of all the band mates, and as we have learned as adults, not all you wish for happens and sometimes things you do not expect, do happen. If you want a quick get-away, and not to spoil this adult and charming book, I'll just say try it... you'll like it. Reviewed for the Paranormal Romance Guild
  • Yesterday's Daughter on March 01, 2012

    Grace Stone is a girl who has lived in the foster care system until the age of 17. Abandoned as a small child, Grace has no memory of any family and where she came from. An outsider, she always felt different from any one else and pretty much her life was a lonely one. At the age of 17 she decided that she had enough of the foster care system. She was a beautiful girl and feared the looks she got from her foster father. She was a great student and one of the subjects she studied was computers which gave her the ability to create new identities for herself. She went to work as an Autopsy Assistant at Doctor's Hospital in Staten Island, New York where she worked the night shift. Grace could not work the day shifts and refused to even fill even when needed. In addition to the fact that she could not go into the sun, she also needed to drink blood. These two things lead Grace to believe that she could be a vampire although she really didn't believe in them. She has no idea of who or what she is, until Malachi enters her life. Malachi is a Senior Guardian of the Firststring. It is his job to protect his people from the Harvesters, a group of humans determined to capture vampires so they can drain their blood. The vampire blood extends their lives and gives them greater strength. But like all good things, they always need more and present a constant danger to the vampires. Malachi comes to Grace's bedroom one night and tells her that she is indeed a vampire and that he knew her parents. When he and Grace were children their parents brought them for the Binding and Gwallye rituals where they were bonded to each other and promised as life mates. Grace was a very young child about four or five years old. Part of the process was for her to be put into a chamber wherein about ten years time she would come out a mature girl and would then be able to decide about whether she wanted to be mated or not. This process ensured the continuation of the vampire species since children aged very slowly, thereby limiting the amount of children delivered. During the ceremony there was a cave in and Grace's chamber was the only one that was crushed. Everyone but Malachi thought Grace went into the void and was dead. Even her parents who searched for her for decades, gave up hope and went into the void willingly in order to be reunited with her. Malachi searched for her for decades until he finally found her. Grace learned that her father Vica was a great scientist and worked at the Harvard Medical School as a researcher. Her mother Elizabeth was a cleaning woman at the school and Vica and Elizabeth fell in love and married. Elizabeth was an African American and she was turned by Vica. Grace is a bi-racial human hybrid whose real name is Sapphira. As if all that wasn't overwhelming enough she is faced with the fact that there are Harvesters out there that want her. This is a beautiful romantic story filled with betrayals and danger. The betrayal is a shocking twist to the story and it left me totally surprised. The author gives you a real feel for the love between Grace and Malachi, a love that began when they were just children. They find themselves fighting for survival and for their love. This author has written a wonderful book and hopefully there will be more to come. What a great series this would be. Reviewed by: Linda Tonis Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team