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Frances Cobian is Founder of Leading Beyond Expectations International and Senior Pastor of House of God’s Power Inc. in New York City and South Florida. Presently, Pastor Frances is calling upon President Trump to allow her to instrumentally work with the
Establishment of the Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry.

In view of Pastor Frances Cobian ability in challenges and motivating former convicted human trafficker and victims. Domestic Violence Survivors and Victims, youth in distress, convicted criminals, non-violent crime criminals of all ages. Pastor Fran has a reputation and pattern of suggesting to her clients, "hold on to their Faith, stay Focus, stand Firm, maintain Faithful and always follow-up on God’s word and promises as a way to persevere through life trials".
Pastor Frances Cobian believes the answer to shooting and gun violence is " changing the Mental Health System which is not working". Teaching, brain trainings on how to make correct descions and not allow emotional stress to hurt people, places and things.

Pastor Fran affirms in action “We can do all things through Christ who is in us Pastor Frances Cobian life verse is John 14:12 “greater miracles we will do because Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the father” and it is His promise.

Pastor Frances Cobian is an anointed and powerful minister of the gospel; she delivers the Word with the power and authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Pastor Frances is a Chaplain, Clown, Comedian, Musical Engineer, Composer, Author, Independent Film Director, Producer, Social Worker, Legal Consultant, Seamstress and most important a faithful servant of God.

Ordain as Pastor/Chaplain by Florida Theological Chaplaincy Academy,Florida Certified Training with The Crime Prevention Training Institute: Victim Advocate Practitioner, Victims Compensation, Helping Children Cope with Trauma, Advocacy, Safety and Technology, Human Trafficking

In the secular world Pastor Frances Cobian worked in Rehabilitation Centers, Board of Education, Community Organizations, Police Departments in NYC and Buffalo, the Federal Prison in NYC “ Federal Prisons at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Administration For Children Services, Human Resources, Office of Domestic Violence and Intervention, Learning and Counseling Centers.

Presently, Pastor Frances is Directing "The Leading Beyond Expectation Ministry" in Partnership with "Angels Over Aidan" fundraiser project which is spreading awareness and developing documentaries about Parent Alienation, Kidnapping, System Abuse,, Domestic Violence, Sex Texting, Cyber Bullying and Helping Children Cope with Trauma.

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
My five favorite books are The New King James Bible, Prayers that Drout Demons and Break Curses, Too Blessed To Be Stressed, Strongman What's His Game, Come Away My Beloved.
What do you read for pleasure?
Too blessed to Be Stressed
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