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Pat is a wife, mother and grandmother, living in Australia. She began storytelling in the UK during childhood, when her younger brother would beg nightly for a new story before going to sleep. From these humble beginnings has grown her passion for telling and writing stories. Over the years Pat has written stories and articles on various topics. She has contributed to two published anthologies, the first, "Grow under the Southern Cross", (stories and activities for children and young teens) and the second, "Even Before You Were Born", (a christian reflection on pregnancy). "The Witnesses" (eleven personal accounts of the crucifixion from those who were there), is her first fully published book and now made available as an ebook. She has two historic novels awaiting publication. "The Hiring Fair", and its sequel, "Banished". She is also working on a series of short stories to be titled "The Knowledge of Loss", and hopes to have them published as ebooks by the end of 2016.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
My childhood was spent in the pretty village of Kineton in leafy Warwickshire, UK. I became interested in story telling as a young child, during WW11. When the bombers bound for the big cities flew over our cottage, my younger brother, with whom I shared a bed, would beg me to tell him a story. This helped both of us to concentrate on something other than the fearsome sound engulfing our usually peaceful village. At such times, he would snuggle up to me with the plea, "Please, Pat, tell me a story!" Let me add that the story always had to begin the same way: 'One day I went for a walk, tripped over a matchstick and fell down a wormhole'. How this original format came to be, I cannot remember, but the pattern was set and my brother would accept no other beginning.
And so began my oral story telling and the honing of my imagination.
During school years I loved writing essays, adored books, and grew to love reading the great classics. A writer must also be a reader. This is the way to see how stories come together, how to build tension and where to bring them to a satisfactory and believable conclusion.
When did you first start writing?
The change from oral story telling to writing, developed over many years. I suppose that I saw writers as up there on a pedestal, too high for me to ever attain, instead of ordinary people bursting with untold stories. In the interim I kept a journal. This went on over many years and recorded daily incidents in a busy life, along with my hopes and dreams. Being a mother and Pastor's wife, left very little time for personal pursuits. However, the catalyst that finally got me started was some years later, when my children gave me a book written by a new author. He had won the prize for best novel by a new writer in the UK. After reading it, I said to myself, I can do better than that! And so I had to put my money where my mouth was... Thus began my apprenticeship as an author. Through many stumblings, I got my first novel down, hand-written and in school exercise books. But, by the time I had finished, we had gained a computer. My next big task was to get my tale transferred to a more acceptable format, first learning to touch-type. On the way, membership of a couple of writing groups helped more than I can say. To get the feedback of fellow writers, learning to accept critique and suggestions, and sometimes even being congratulated by those who were further along the road of writing than I, was so encouraging.
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The Witnesses
Price: $1.79 USD. Words: 36,910. Language: English. Published: June 12, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient
The Witnesses is a series of eleven powerful stories of those involved in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They remind us that these were real people with all the human frailties known to man. The stories give flesh, blood and personality to those who have formerly been just names in this most dramatic story. These stories are fiction, but based on the historic facts.

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