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  • How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse on Aug. 18, 2012

    I've absolutely loved learning new ways of thinking about so many things through How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse, and the especially the audio download (on the site). The timing is just perfect...but then isn't it always lol. I've been a member of different spiritual message boards over the years, and also visit others just to read and learn. For a few months I've been feeling slightly jaded by the same information being shared. I've always loved to learn and was feeling a need to step into new directions that were fresh and thought provoking. I love the inspirational thoughts and message Heather shares through her work, and the wonderful music...I love music :)....and the toning. There are so many beautiful little gems of insights that made me smile, and also "light bulb" moments that ring true for me that I need to hear and appreciate them again. Also, on the audio download I absolutely LOVE Amelia's Affirmations on Heather's "Children of Light Affirmations..." for me it's breathtakingly beautiful. How could any child or mother not receive peace and love through these heartfelt affirmations? Totally wonderful! Patricia Anna Spain