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My name is Pat Bennett & due to divorce, I had to raise my 2 children alone. While raising my children, I went to business school so I could operate & run my own business to make a better life for my children as I wasn't getting child support. While running my business, I also had to find a bigger place to live to accommodate my handicapped mother as her doctor said she could no longer live alone. This is the place we lived in where we had serious issues with our landlord. Fortunately at that time, I was in school studying criminal justice, for which I earned an Associate degree. Through my education, due to it flooding so bad at our duplexes (the water damage under the house caused us not to be able to run the heat & this happened in January!), I had the knowledge to stand up for my civil rights against a slumlord who tried to violate our rights by illegal activity. I prevailed in the fight when I finally had to take my landlord to court and won the judgment.

This chapter of my life taught me to never let a slumlord trample over your rights because tenant laws were made to protect us renters.

Now, I'm at a a major university working on my bachelor's degree and in my journey, I do help people through my knowledge. I have even published a video on Youtube about my experience my family & I went through with this slumlord. Here is that link:

As I continue my journey through life, I strive to tell people the TRUTH not only about what I went through in my book, but I also reveal the truth about why you should avoid processed foods & induldge in clean eating, why you should avoid prescription drugs, and why you should really think for yourselves & not be brainwashed by all the governmental control that goes on in the world today.

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The Illegal Practices of a Slumlord: What Gil Duran did to my family & I
Price: $14.95 USD. Words: 16,130. Language: English. Published: August 19, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Law » Landlord & Tenant
This book is an informative piece about the injustices my family & I went through living in a property owned by a a man who turned out to be a slumlord due to the fact he & his staff did NOT abide by CA Civil codes, therefore, having been guilty of violating mine & my family's rights under CA State as well as US Federal laws.

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