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  • O N C E-----Ask me anything, not Love on April 10, 2010

    Great love stories do not have a perfect ending; their imperfection makes them great and immortal. It is said that life is stranger than fiction, and that holds very true. In real life, we cannot predict what will happen next or how the future will unfold. If we could predict the future, then life would not be real. You will get perfect endings only in fairytales, because they are set in the imagination of the creator. Real life is far different to fairytales. “ This is the story of how M____no time for love , a famous novelist came to writing a love story. M had never had the inspiration behind love stories, he had not yet met a woman worth becoming his inspiration ,his female protagonist until one year he decided to visit Kiev, Ukraine for his yearly vacation. It is in Kiev , that M which stands for Morkel meets Maya , first at a wedding which Morkel has stumbled upon , then at the shopping mall “Globus” , from that momment on everywhere Morkel turns Maya is there. As time progresses Morkel realises that Maya is everything he would want in a female protagonist and so he starts to write a love story, though this isn’t your everyday average love story. When Its time for Morkel to leave , he tells Maya everything about himself, we read with anticipation on how Maya will react to Morkels truth revealing statement. As time passes , Morkel realises that Maya was his one true love and love really does exist for him , so he jet-sets to Kiev after the launch party of his new novel ONCE based on his experience with Maya . He tries everything to locate her from searching through old college campuses to even taking an ad out in the local paper, but nothing prevails. This part of the book reminded me of the movie “Take the Line” starring Lance Bass from NSYNC. Fast-forward five years , Morkel has now made Kiev his hometown and has an adopted daughter Katrin who in ways reminds him alot of Maya , Will Morkel and Maya eventually end up together , were they meant to be ? This novel is summed up perfectly with the epilogue reading “True love only happens once, the rest is a compromise. Her words are simple. “Ask me anything, not Love.” A favourite part of this book was that it includes 3 romantic poems throughout it which adds that extra zing to it , pushing it over the stereotype of your average novel.Another thing that I did enjoy was the different nationalities of the characters , this made the book feel like it could appeal to a wide-world audience rather than one nationality mindset. A Wonderful Love Story that shows us that love doesn’t always have to be a fairytale and by using this theme , it gives a reality handle to the story as for every happy ending , their is about as twice as many love stories that don’t end in happily ever after.
  • The Strange Loyalist-----Inspired by True Events on April 18, 2010

    The Strange Loyalist: Once again, Mian provides us with a book that is written unlike any other. Loyalty in general is a human trait that many hold dear but what if that trait was inscribed so deeply into your genetic make-up. Meet Mike aka Van Damme due to his Jean Claude like-buff body. Mike is what in this novel is referred to as a loyalist. They are somebody who nature is to be loyal in all aspects. A loyalist is such a rare person to be found and when you do you have to treat them right as in some way others can take advantage. This novel starts with Mike being accepted into the SOS (School of Scholars) a school that is so high-top that they only accept 125 students to attend, sounds like my type of school. However, once Mike starts he realises that eventually people are not what they seem and the human race is indeed a selfish thing – each man for themselves and they don’t mind who they trample or use to get ahead. This forces Mike to change the acronym of the SOS to School of Scoundrels, I thought this was quite clever and it reminded me of the movie with Luke Wilson. Mike’s first semester goes well and then a tragedy occurs and his sister is killed and Mike wakes up with blood and his framed. Though is his sister dead or is somebody trying to play with Mike’s loyalist mind? Mike is then arrested and sent to jail for seven years, once released he has one goal in mind to find out what happened. This part of the book in some way is clichéd as when innocent people in novels get out, it is their goal to find out and settle the score. However Mian’s writing style makes this novel different than the rest as Mike’s goal does not end up being entirely revengeful and the novel in the last few chapters has an excellent twist, which the reader does not expect. The Strange Loyalist is once again a beautifully written novel which explores a side of humanity like ONCE that is not normally featured in books, however each of his writings have a reality-based effect that the readers can identify with. To conclude and leave your brain thinking, a favourite quote from the book “The Strange Loyalist” is “The decision is yours. What are you: a quixotic or a loyalist?”
  • River of Judgement on May 02, 2010

    ‘What a man really has, is what is in him. What is outside of him should be a matter of no importance Oscar Wilde The Soul Man Under Socialism Corporate Espionage , financial strife and crime , death , relationships ,attempted murders. Just a few words to sum up David Sartof's book River of Judgement. This book surrounds a character called Finn Jackson , a oil worker with more than a good paid job in the company, he has started the company with friends Shufang and Aaron , and now with Shufang out of the picture due to a tragic accident and the family taking Tiger Oil to court over covering it up , Finn is the next one out. However Finn is not about to stand aside and let all his hard work and money go to waste. Coming from a solo-mother family, Finn had been instilled with work ethic and everything he has achieved today was because of his up-bringing. Add all the work pressure , not to mention his home life with a wife that is more interested in her horses , a lawyer Finn has hired and taken a shine too and if this wasn't more complicated , Finn and his best friends wife have a thing on the side thats about to get even more busier. Set against the City back-drop of the growing financial crisis in 2007, the three embark on a journey of intrigue, plagued by ambition and treachery, as they struggle to understand what has really happened.This novel is full of twists and turns and when you think that Finn has been backed right against the wall and theirs no way out, something an event happens that pushes Finn back with the upperhand. An excellent novel for those who like authors such as John Grisham, Jeffery Archer and Robert Goddard.I look foward to reading other books that David Sartof has written, as if he keeps up with the awesome style of this book ,fast paced and interesting . We very may well be looking at the next best-seller.
  • Stilettos & Scoundrels on May 20, 2011

    Review : Stilettos and Scoundrels - Laina Turner- Molaski - February 2010 When I first heard about this book being offered for a Virtual Book Tour, I jumped at the chance as from the cover and title I was drawn to it and then when I read that it was a chick-lit mystery, that drawn-ness became stronger and I was like now I definitely have to read it and Im glad I did as I have personally always had a thing for newspaper reporters and those amateur detectives like Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars and now after reading Stilettos and Scoundrels , I can add a new name to my list Presley Thurman. The story starts with shoe-loving gal Presley being called into her boss's office and ending up fired because she simply won't sleep with him, good on her I say- leave with dignity. The start of the book reminded me alot of Legally Blonde with Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon. We then see Presley taking a job writing for an newspaper and her first story is to write about Senator Daniels, who happens to be in her hometown at the moment. So deciding to kill two birds with one stone, as her parents have been practically begging her to come and visit and she's also now unemployed and seen some Manolo's she covets, she accepts the job. However, on the job she discovers that the Senator has been murdered , now here's a story with excitement and mystery to solve, so we soon see Presley swapping her writers hat for amatuer detective as she ventures out to solve his murder, unfortunately there's one thing standing in her way - a guy - the head of Senator Daniel's security Cooper who happened to be Presley's high school sweetheart . So readers expect to see some romance blossom between these two as well as some reporter/ detective solving to the rescue and of course Presley's motto can be seen throughout the novel "A Girl can never have enough shoes".
  • This Side of Crazy on May 20, 2011

    Review: This Side of Crazy -Kimmie Thomas - September 2010 Wanting a novel that well the title speaks for itself. This Side of Crazy starts off in the setting of a Domimatrix session , then flips to Maxine's life with her husband Doug and how irritating and unsettling it is as we see Doug treat her horribly . Then we see it flip over to Maxine's best friend Cally and we soon discover that Cally runs like a dating service and that Maxine works for her. Cally's husband Kyle is a PK - Preacher's Kid and Cally finding it hard to connect with her husband starts to have an affair with a guy named Blu. It soon turns out in this novel that everybody is having a sexual affair with everyone else. As for Maxine and Doug - he is cheating on her with a sex phone operator and after they split, Maxine decides to start dating Gordon but when Doug wants Maxine back, will Maxine choose Doug - the guy she has spent the last six years with or Gordon -the one she is in love with now ? Cally has tried everything to connect with her husband including counselling in marital problems, but nothing seems to work so Cally has found pleasure in another guy. What happens when Cally discovers that her husband was sleeping with her friend Cyan - will she choose her lover Blu or go back to her husband Kyle? . As far as books go and their titles "This side of Crazy" this book rings true with its title and content.