Wendy Buckingham


With more than 20 years experience, my specialty is writing and coaching on the finer distinctions of identifying, planning and achieving goals. Or in other words, helping people to have their lives more as they want.

My career background includes journalism as a feature writer, broadcasting, small business ownership, coaching and training.

In 1998 I took formal training in coaching and in 2000 graduated from the first coaching school in America, CoachU. I am also an accredited coach with Results Coaching Systems.

Working with people, from all walks of life, over many years, I discovered that guiding clients and audiences to set powerful authentic goals was just the beginning of the story. It is as much about helping them experientially to identify and overcome the “stuff” or obstacles, blocking their path and develop a personal success strategy that is the real key to their success and happiness.

My first book Ready Set Goal, was published internationally in 2001. In 2013 it was revised and evolved into Be Your Own Goals coach with a bonus chapter for coaches to use with their clients and reflects even more of my experience in this field.

Want to know more about my personal background, visit 'About Wendy' on my website, http://www.wendybuckingham.com where I let it all hang out.

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