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I'm 56. I live in England. I used to write on an old portable typewriter about 25 years ago. I gave up in disgust after three rejection all suggesting completely different sets of changes.

Then I spent 25 yers in the wastes of IT.

Now I work in education, am training to become a specialist teacher of Literacy, and I am writing again. And again and again.

I only write science-fiction (with real science), fantasy (without), horror and action thrillers. Sometimes all four genres in the same book, but - hey? What the heck!

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  • Riders of the Spew on Oct. 17, 2009

    OK, where to begin with this one? Don't think I've read a book quite like it before. Robert Thompson fills nearly all his pages with action, action and more action. Occasionally interspersed with dry humour. It would have been hard for me to imagine that I could have come to empathize with a collection of six sociopathic, sadistic killers and their savage, mutant steeds, but perhaps the book contains a kernel of hard truth. A few centuries in hell changes a person. And some of the creatures they encounter! Well drawn characters, natural dialogue and a host of unexpected twists kept me reading 'Riders of the Spew' non-stop from start to finish. I look forward to sequels - their work is not yet done. Well worth three stars.