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Paul Pavao is in remission from a "rare and unusual" form of acute leukemia. He chronicled his rollicking ride through chemotherapy, radiation, a bone marrow transplant and numerous setbacks in his blog, "Thrilled to Death." One reader commented, "I kept hearing my wife laughing in the other room. She read the entire blog [over 100 posts at the time] in two days."

That book is coming, but Paul's real interest is history, especially church history. _In the Beginning Was the Logos_, a 460-page, in-depth historical look at the Council of Nicea, is already available on Kindle and in paperback.

His second book, _The Apostles' Gospel_, a comparison between the preaching in the Book of Acts and modern evangelism techniques, is in the final editing process and will be available on July 1, 2013.

Until then, _In the Beginning Was the Logos_ will be on sale on Kindle for $0.99, an absolute steal for the immense amount of research and for the immense joy you will get, perhaps for the first time, from a central landmark in the history of your Christian and western heritage!

Paul believes history ought to be thrilling to read. How could it not be? By its very definition, history is nothing but the collection of the most important, exciting, interesting, or amazing facts of all time! Only a well-trained scholar could make it boring.

"J.T." John Tancock, church planter and a leading apologetics minister in the U.K., wrote (right here on Amazon), "Man alive, what a book! ... His writing style isn't pretentious, stuffy or academic but he IS competent in his field and a great communicator."

"I am so loving this book! Where on earth did you find this information?" wrote a reader with a B.A. in theology.

The reviews, on both the book and, emphasize two things: Paul's books give people access to information they never had before, and they had no idea history could be so interesting.

Paul is recovering from the leukemia treatments, working on his websites, and teaching at his church, a Christian community of 150 people in Selmer, Tennessee. He is married and has six children, three of which are still at home, and two of which are married. He is waiting patiently for his first grandchild.

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