Paul Halbeck


trailer - Journey to Healing and Wholeness
The book addresses many relevant topics in every day language concerning God's Word. There are many short and concise chapter topics, that makes for easy reading. Finding the abundant life that is ours, through understanding God's Word as a whole. Achieving healing and wholeness both physically and emotionally.

Parables of the Bible
A parable is a comparison of two things, telling us about the one through familiarity with the other. Thirty-one parables, plus a few short sayings of Jesus, each one having a short and concise summery after it. The parables that Jesus gave us can be categorized as teaching parables, kingdom parables, prophetic and warning parables.

Healings and Miracles of the Bible
This book contains approximately forty healing from the Gospels and twelve healings within the book of Acts, done by various disciples. Each one is unique and shows us different principles of healing, having a short critique after each one. As you read through these healings it is my prayer that your faith and expectancy will come alive and you will be one step closer to receiving your divine healing.


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