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  • Strange New Feet on Sep. 01, 2010

    Strange New Feet by Sharon Esposito is a science fiction, mystery/thriller deserving attention. The novel is told mainly from the perspective of Safia Raine who is gifted with the ability to delve into patient's condition using a special meditation technique. When Safia encounters Olivia, a teen with two different coloured eyes, she suspects there is something strange about the child, apart from a brain tumour. She requests repeated DNA testing. The scene then switches to an exhibit of transgenic art. Safia has been enlisted by her mother to extriciate her sister Kat from an animal rights demonstration before it becomes dangerous. The story goes on to reveal that Olivia is a chimera--part bonobo and part human. A media frenzy errupts, and some very bad things happen to Olivia. Safia and Anders Grey try to protect Olivia. After a while Anders disappears almost as if he has given up. Safia feels an attraction to Anders, but he has a reputation in animal rights circles and may have used violence against whaling ships. Safia always treats Olivia as a normal, human child, and feels a deep love for the little girl. The novel has a good amount of conflict and tension with a couple of surprises at the end. The novel left me thinking this could happen. This may have happened already. Ms. Espositio does not overwhelm us with scientific jargon, but gives sufficient information to make the story credible. I left the story pondering scientist's ability to tinker with genetics. Although this is a serious subject, author Shannon Espositio handles it lightly for the most part. She gives skilled movie like descriptions of all the various settings in the book. Each scene blends smoothly into the next. I give Ms. Exposition five stars for this tale, and look forward to her next novel.