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  • Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman on Sep. 01, 2009

    I finally found time to read this book - Congratulations Jim, it's excellent. I'm impressed with the originality of the ghost world and I enjoyed the plot. The main character is convincing, human, amusing, admirable in his determination and get-right-back-up attitude, interesting, not too predictable and of course likeable. I wanted to see more of Mum - probably because I'm one. The writing style is totally readable so the story flows well and I thought the tale well-constructed with a good build-up. I really like LE Modesitt Jr's ghost stories and while I don't consider Jim's writing quite up there yet, the feel is more like that than (for instance) those overly sensational vampire stories around. I'd have been happy with the value for money if I'd paid average commercial rates for this book, so I sincerely hope Jim makes it into mainstream publication.