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  • Moon Dreams on Jan. 02, 2013
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    I have to admit being taken by this book almost as much because, as despite, its lack of polish. The jagged edges suit the devil-may-care spirit of the narrative. Reminiscent of an era when breaking rules in the pursuit of greatness was not only tolerated, but celebrated. This is old-school science fiction—not the modern hedonistic pablum that masquerades as the genre today. It's a rollicking yarn of intrigue and suspense sometimes held together duct tape, but well worth the read. The science requires a healthy suspension of disbelief, but the concepts are compelling enough to keep interest. I love the pioneering spirit of the book. Highly recommend the read!
  • The Execution on May 02, 2015

    Many authors have wonderful ideas; some have great voices; others have insight that pulls readers into new worlds. Rarely does a new author put it all together. Sharon Cramer does just that with The Execution. An errant priest confronts himself in the visage of a hardened murderer who just happens to be his twin. With the complex reunion occurring the night before his execution, both brothers explore the depths of loyalty, betrayal, love, depravity, murder and forgiveness. The depth of characterization is a nice break from the constant shallow adventure stories that flood the market today. Still, The Execution has enough adventure to keep interest without resorting to gratuitous sex or violence, though it remains an adult novel. As a former editor, I am always heartened by a new well-written book. Congratulations; it was good to read your story before you are snatched up by a major house.