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  • Draykon (An Epic Fantasy of Dragons) on Sep. 25, 2011

    It was Elsa's cover art that first caught my eye, but the book lived up to the cover. It is a gripping story, full of intrigue and magic -- and wonderfully three-dimensional characters. And Charlotte knows when to end the story. I'm waiting for her next work. Steve
  • Lokant on Dec. 26, 2011
    (no rating)
    Charlotte, you've done it again. Needless to say, I'm hooked. The action keeps moving and the characters are compelling. You know how to end, too. As with Draykon, Lokant stands on its own even as it leads us on the next book. Highly recommended. Steve
  • The Rostikov Legacy on Feb. 26, 2012

    A whodunit with a macabre flavor. Once I started in, I read it pretty much straight through. Charlotte spins a marvelous web.
  • Gloaming on Oct. 04, 2017

    Dusk, we say, is a magic time, as the light dims and shadows lengthen and fade. In Argantel town and Landricourt they said similarly, but metaphor it was not. The Gloaming was when the roses grew through the walls for the making of wine and things seemed to be not as they appeared. They weren't. Oreane finds herself mirrored onto Laendricourt, the same place she knew, except that it most certainly was not. And the roses! They were as if the Rose herself had nursed them into being. Charlotte English' enchantments grow deeper and richer with each book, as does her delight in the telling of the tale and mine in the reading of it. Highly recommended. Enjoy!
  • Toil and Trouble on Oct. 31, 2017

    Ves is employed by the Society. She lives and works in House, reporting to milady who resides in one of its highest towers and is known only by her voice rewards tasks especially well done with pots of steaming chocolate. This is all perfectly normal. What is not normal is the ancient book Ves and Jay brought back from their last assignment. It, or better, he, screams curses at the librarian in Shakespearean English and snaps closed on her fingers. They dub him Bill the Boor. Then he quotes Pride and Prejudice to Ves, to whom he appears to have taken quite the shine. Bill Darcy he becomes. No, not normal at all. Charlotte English spins a marvelous tale as she unravels Bill's story. It's a story of ancient magic, set in modern-day England, complete with a treasure map and its obligatory X. Except that marks the grave of Bill's mistress. A strange and marvelous tale, yea verily. Charlotte had way too much fun writing this. I had almost as much fun reading it. Highly recommended.
  • The Striding Spire on May 08, 2018

    Confound you, Charlotte, this book is far too short. Which is to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly and want to know What Happens Next. The story line is improbable, except that it works marvelously. (Charlotte has a habit of doing this.) The characters are zany and delightful, as usual. Ves and Jay are quite the team. Highly recommended.
  • Music and Misadventure on Sep. 07, 2018

    The marvelous Magickal saga continues. I am thoroughly enjoying this series. Charlotte spins a fine yarn. I want to know What Happens Next.
  • Faerie Fruit on Jan. 21, 2019

    I've read pretty much everything Charlotte English has written. I love the drama and characterization of the Draykon books and the darkness of the Malykant Mysteries. If you haven't read them, do so. But when Charlotte crosses over from England to Faerie, it's magic. Faerie Fruit is a gem. And, as in all Charlotte's books, it's the people -- be they human, fae, draykoni, or whatever -- that matter. Beautiful work. I recommend it highly. Blessings, Steve
  • The Heart of Hyndorin on April 05, 2019

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It closed the loop on the assorted quandaries left open in the previous Wonders of Vale, and did so in unexpected and most satisfying ways. Well done, Charlotte. Highly recommended
  • Wyrde and Wicked on Feb. 21, 2020

    I read it in one sitting, which is to say that Charlotte has once again kept me up far too late, or early, as the case may be. It is wickedly wyrde. Highly recommended. But don't start with this one, read Wyrde and Wayward first or you will be thoroughly lost. You may be lost anyway, but such is the nature of the House of Werth.
  • Summertide on June 10, 2020

    A delightful read with a most intriguing cast of characters. It immediately went on my read-again list, but next time I am going to have my pencil and notepad handy to keep track of who's who and who is connected to whom and to what. When the tree you live in starts walking and picking up new residents along the way, you know you are in for surprises. Highly recommended.
  • The Coin of Kenvard on Nov. 29, 2020

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. But start with Rise of the Red Shadow or The Book of Deacon.