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I confess that I am older than the photo would have you believe but, in my defense, I have to say that I have reached the age where white lies are permissible, if not compulsory.
I am a happily entrenched wife, mother, nan, sister, friend. Writing is my passion, but my family is my life.
Now that my grandchildren are grown and don't really want to be seen out with me because that's just not cool any more and what on earth would they do if their friends saw them having a pizza with their NAN, I can find the time to indulge myself in my second love.
Through the years, I have had short stories published in women's magazines, but The Crying of the Children is my first novel.
I have grown fond of the characters in the book, perhaps because one or two of them were inspired by people I knew. Relatives long since gone developed a habit of popping into my mind. Old, curled-up sepia photographs brought them back to life and stories I'd been told as a child resurfaced.
It was an enjoyable, annoying, frustrating, rewarding experience.
I am now getting annoyed and frustrated at the sequel.
Some people never learn!

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