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Smashwords book reviews by Peggy M

  • The Governess Affair on May 15, 2013

    I liked the story.
  • A Novella Collection on May 15, 2013

    The governess affair and A kiss for Midwinter were my favorite of the four.
  • The Winter Wife: A Christmas Novella on May 15, 2013

    Really loved it!
  • Unlocked on May 15, 2013

    I liked it. You can understand why the characters did what they did.
  • Hard to Love on July 15, 2013

    I loved it.
  • Unravel Me on July 15, 2013

    Indeed, a really good book.
  • The Will on July 31, 2014

    A great book.
  • At Peace on July 31, 2014

    Loved this book!
  • For You on July 31, 2014

    I think this one is one of my favorite books of KA. I love them all but this one is so emontional.
  • Her Christmas Earl: A Regency Novella on Nov. 26, 2014

    I really love this story. It is a sweet Christmas read.
  • The Nature of Cruelty on Nov. 26, 2014

    This is my second book that I read from this writer and I really loved it. This writer has a very unique style of writing (I think so). I couldn't stop reading.
  • Sommersgate House on Feb. 01, 2015
    (no rating)
    I enjoyed this story very much. I love Kristen Ashley's her Ghosts series!
  • Lacybourne Manor on Feb. 01, 2015

    Lacybourne manor is the third book in the Ghost and Reincarnation series but each book can be read as a standalone. I’m a big, big fan of Kristen Ashley and I really love this series. In this book you don’t only get a great alpha man and a curvy and softhearted woman but also a witch and a ghost. What more can you wish for? Like in many books of Kristen Ashley there are some great side characters in the story. They make you smile, they make you sad. They make you feel many thing throughout the story. I love that very much.
  • Painted Faces on Feb. 01, 2015

    I must confess that the only reason that I read this book was because I really love this author's writing. And althought I didn't know what to expect of this book, I liked it. I really liked the way how she writes about Vivica. The only thing that I wish for, is that I could read more about Nicholas/Vivica thoughts. But I think that my wish will come true in the second book (Killer queen).
  • Radiance on Feb. 01, 2015

    My friend, Karin, really loved this book and couldn't stop talking about it, so of course I was very curieus about this book. And just like my friend, Karin, I really loved it!! It was a while since I read this sort of book. But I loved every moment of it. Brishen, a Kai prince most marry a Gauri noblewomen to seal a treat between both races. Ildiko always knew that it was her fate to marry for politics. Luckily for both, there's an instant understanding between them. Althought they look different like night and day, both want this marriage to work. So they decided to be honest with each other. And that's what made me love this book so very much. The relationship between them was so wonderful and lovely. The writer really takes her times to let the relationship grow between Brishen and Ildiko. What is more wonderful then two lonely people finding love and understanding with each other? I can't wait to read the next book!
  • Heaven and Hell on March 02, 2015

    I love Kristen Ashley her books. Every time I have a dip or I don’t know what to read next I always read a book from Kristen Ashley. Because she has never disappointed me and that was the same with this book. An alpha man, a woman who loves him but who isn’t afraid to tell when he’s wrong. A bunch of friends and a lovely family. I love it and I hope that she will soon write Luci and Hap their story ! I can’t wait to read it.
  • The Hooker and the Hermit on March 13, 2015

    The hooker and the hermit is the first book that is writing by the writers L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid together. And I can tell you it calls for more books from this duo. I was already a big fan from L.H. Cosway but this was the first time I have read something from Penny Reid but it will not be the last time!! Annie Catrel (= the hermit) is a woman whose life consists of her job at Davidson & Croft Media as a social media expert and her secret hobby as a celebrity blogger aka ‘The Socialmedialite’. Annie lives her life behind the computer, unlike her real life that is lonely but safe, her virtual life is filled with friends (although she has never spoken or seen one of them in real life!) and excitement. But that’s the way Annie likes it. But that’s about to change. One day at work she meets the hot Irish rugby player Ronan Fitzpatrick (= the hooker) for the second time (only he doesn’t know that) . Ronan Fitzpatrick has had a bad time, first he discover his fiancée having sex with one of his teammates, then he lost his temper and fought with this teammate during a game. So now he’s suspended from the team! His plan is now to come to Manhattan (away from the scandal in Ireland) and live a quiet life while working on his condition untill he gets back on the team. But that’s hard with the paparazzi lurking around and now someone called ‘The socialmedialite’ is blogging about him!! Ronan is so angry about this that he decides to send this blogger an angry email. But his management think that it’s about time for Ronan to reshape his public image, so they send him to Davidson & Croft to do that. This is where he meets Annie for the first time (or so he thinks!). He feels an instant attraction to her. He likes it that she’s shy and a little different than other women he knows. So when her boss suggests that Annie will work with him he couldn’t be happier. That’s the opposite about how Annie feels about this news. But her boss leaves her no other choice. So here starts the work relationship between the two of them. A relationship that Ronan hopes will change in a love relationship but this could be hard. Because not only is Annie shy and a little bit antisocial, she also has had a difficult childhood. Something that made her decide to stay far away from love. And what Ronan also doesn’t know is that the person he sends emails to, the person he knows as ‘The sociamedialite’ is Annie! So you see there is a lot going on in this story and then you also have Roman’s mother and his ex-fiancée who aren’t happy with this relationship!! Like I said before, I didn’t know what to expect from this book, since it was the first time that these writers wrote a book together but I can tell you now that I just fell in love with this book! I love the humor in this book, the emails, the twitters (or twatters like Ronan likes to say). I really hope that L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid will write another book together. Fingers crossed!
  • Ivan (Her Russian Protector #1) on Jan. 08, 2023

    2nd read: 2023 1st read : 2014 Review 2023 : I decided to do a re-read of the Russian mafia series ‘Her Russian protector’, I read the first few books (not all of them) a few years back and I enjoyed them. They were the first mafia romance books that I read, since then I have read more mafia stories so I wondered if I would still enjoy this mafia series as much as the first time. I just finished the first story ‘Ivan’ and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed it just as much as I remembered. The story isn’t dark, so I think it’s a good beginning if you want to try books with a mafia vibe that aren’t dark but still has a dangerous vibe to it. ‘Ivan’ is a novella-length story, so it’s a quick story. The main characters are Erin Hanson and Ivan Markovic. Erin’s a student who’s is looking for her older sister Ruby (a drug addict), who’s in big trouble. Rub’s made some dangerous people angry and they are now looking for her and her Russian boyfriend. Desperate, Erin tries to get help from another dangerous man Ivan Markovic. Ivan may have left that dangerous world behind him for a legal life but he still has connections with Houston’s underworld and with a past as a fighter, he’s the perfect guy to protect her against danger. There are two things that Erin is worried about, one that he will refuse to help her and two that his price for his help will be too high. But to her surprise Ivan agrees to help her without asking for something in return (yet). But Ruby’s enemies are dangerous and ruthless and Erin’s life is now in danger too. Can Ivan keep both Erin and her sister safe? And Erin protect her heart for dangerous Ivan? Only time will tell. Although the story wasn’t long, it was well developed. The chemistry between Erin and Ivan was there from the first glance and Ivan was quick to think of Erin was ‘his’. I liked that. I was just in the mood for such a story. You got both POV’s in the story. Erin was a young girl (21 years old) but the loss of her parents and the troubles with her older sister Ruby made her mature for her age. But she still had something sweet and innocent about her. I liked that (just like Ivan did). She accepted Ivan completely, she knew that he was a dangerous man who now owned a mixed-martial arts training center but who had done bad things when he was younger. Ivan was a good guy now, he was very protective of Erin and he gave her everything she needed and never asked for anything in return. They were perfect for each other. The sex scenes in the story were steamy. I really liked the secondary characters in this story, Erin’s friends Vivian and Lena. They were loyal and good friends. Ivan had also great friends, they grew up in an orphanage in Russian together and they all lived in Houston now. You had Dimitri, Yuri, Kostya and Nikolai, just like Ivan they had a dangerous vibe about them. They helped Ivan protect Erin against danger. They were loyal and good friends. Benny was another interesting secondary character, she was a friend of Dimitri and owned a bakery. For readers who can’t get enough of this couple, on the writer’s website you can find free little bonus stories about Erin and Ivan’s life together. They are great bonus scenes. I enjoyed them.
  • Dimitri (Her Russian Protector #2) on Jan. 11, 2023

    2nd read: 2023 1st read : 2014 Review 2023: The main characters in this second story of the ‘Her Russian protector’ series are Benita (or Benny like everyone calls her) Marquez-Burkhart and Dimitri Stepanov. We met both of them in the previous story ‘Ivan’. Benny’s grandparents founded the bakery when they arrived in Houston, America. So the bakery means a lot to Benny but bad decisions made by her grandmother have left the bakery in financial trouble. Benny is trying very hard to save her business but that isn’t her only worry. Her younger brother Johnny is involved with the dangerous Hermanos street gang. Luckily, Benny can always count on Dimitri. He’s a tenant above the bakery but has become a good friend in those five years that they have known each other. Benny always had a little crush on Dimitri but she never told him, thinking that he would never fall for someone like her but then one night…. they kiss and that’s the start of their relationship. But danger is surrounding them, can Dimitri keep Benny and her brother safe? I really liked Benny and Dimitri, they were perfect for each other. Dimitri was an alpha guy, very protective of Benny and dominant in the bedroom but he also listened to her and respected her opinions. That was something that I really liked about him. Both Dimitri and Benny were hard workers, intelligent and owned their own businesses. Dimitri had a security company (specialised in training bouncers and bodyguards). Their relationship seemed to go fast but they had known each other for five years. So in that way, it wasn’t that quick. The sex scenes in this story were ‘kinkier’ than in the previous story but only slightly (Dimitri liked to tie Benny up or spank her, …), it was nothing too heavy. Dimitri was just a bit more dominant in the bedroom and Benny enjoyed it. It was heart-breaking for Benny to see her younger brother choose for a dangerous lifestyle. No matter what she said, she couldn’t stop it. Luckily for both of them, when things went terribly wrong for Johnny, Dimitri and his Russian friends were there to save him. But by helping him, Dimitri was in danger too. And the street gangs weren’t the only one who were causing trouble for Benny. A real estate developer wanted her bakery and he went very far to get it. Luckily, Dimitri was very good in protecting her. In this story we not only got to known Benny and Dimitri better but we also learned more about the past of some of the secondary characters. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces again, Benny and Dimitri had very loyal and supportive friends. The story was told from both POV’s. It was a bit longer then the first one. Just like the first story, it was well written and I was very happy with the way that all problems were resolved in the end. (If you want to read more about this couple, you can find some free bonus stories on the writer’s website.) I’m looking forward to reading the next story in this series.
  • Schooled on Jan. 11, 2023

    For a debut book, I found it a great story. It wasn’t perfect but it was good! Alexis Caine (or Lex like her friends like to call her) has a dream and she will do everything she can to make this dream come true! Two years ago she and her best friend Ava decided to start a fashion label as soon as they finish university. And they have it all worked out, Ava will do the creative side of the business and Lex will do the ‘business’ side. Since then, Lex is working very hard to get her business degree and to make the right connections they need to start their fashion label. She’s determined to make this work. She even went so far as to make a deal with her best friend to have no relationship until they exceed in their plan. And so far so good. But then there’s Lex her 21st birthday party where she sees Ava’s her younger brother Dylan Cameron again. It has been a few years that they have seen each other and he’s changed very much since the last time she has seen him. Lex can totally understand now why girls are fighting for him! Through his sister Ava Lex heard about his bad reputation (partying and girls). But later that night Dylan and Lex has an interesting conversation where they tell each other some of their secrets and learn more about each other. Something happens that night and Lex can’t stop thinking about Dylan and that night. She really tries to be just friends with him but at the end she can’t resist him anymore. But what about the deal she made with Ava about no boyfriends? And what will Ava say when she discovers that Lex is seeing her younger brother? And will Dylan be happy with just being a secret or will he want more from Lex? All difficult questions that Lex isn’t sure how to anwser. Like I said before, the book was good for a first book. There were times that the story would go to slow but every time the writer would wake you up with some firework! (I really loved the fireworks!!) That’s the reason that I liked this story very much. I found that the story revolved more about Lex than about Dylan. But that was fine by me. We got to know Dylan’s story but we didn’t really get to know ‘him’ (but I must say that the part that we got from him, I really loved!). The end was good but I would have loved some more pages. But like I said before for a debut book it was really good. I look forward to reading more books of this writer!
  • Love Notes: A Prequel (Rivals Series) on Jan. 11, 2023

    For the readers who have read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy by this writer, they will remember Annie and Tyler from those stories. For the readers who are new to that series or even to this writer Piper Lawson, this (free and) short story is a good way to get a taste of her writing style. But I do recommend that you read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy first before reading the Rivals trilogy, it will give you more understanding of Annie and Tyler’s background. The main characters may be young (high school), the story did feel more new adult than young adult to me. And I’m very curious to see these characters grow and mature in the following books. So…this little story takes place 8 months after Jax and Haley’s wedding. The story is told from Annie’s POV and I was very happy about that. Because that way I got to know her better, although Annie was a secondary character in the ‘Wicked’ books, it’s only when you get to read someone thoughts and emotions that you really get to know the character better and after reading this story I really have the feeling that I have a better insight into Annie’s heart. It was interesting to see how she really thought and felt about Tyler. And although the story is short, it’s still emotional. It’s about a young girl searching for her own role or place in her family, in school and how her friendship with Tyler is changing. ‘Love notes’ is a great beginning of a new series. I can’t wait to read more about Annie and Tyler.
  • A Love Song for Liars on Jan. 11, 2023

    ‘A love song for liars’ is the first book of the ‘Rivals’ trilogy, but I would really recommend that you read the prequel ‘Love notes’ before reading this story. If not, you will miss the beginning of their story and the reason why their friendship is a thing of the past. For the readers who have read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy by this writer, they will be happy to know that this story is about Jax’s daughter Annie and her friend Tyler (who we also met in the Wicked series). For the readers who haven’t read the ‘Wicked’ trilogy, I think that you best start with those books, that will give you a better understanding of Annie and Tyler’s background. But if you just want to read this trilogy without reading the other trilogy first, that’s possible too. You get both POV’s in this story. The main characters may still be on high school and therefore be young of age, but their characters felt older, more mature. The story had more a new adult vibe to it than a young adult one. I think that has something to do with Tyler’s and Annie’s difficult or special upbringing, that made that they had to mature quicker. (Tyler and his difficult home situation and Annie being the secret daughter of a famous rock star and being raised by her aunt first before living by her father). ‘A love song for liars’ is an emotional story about friendship, first love and heartbreak, trust, secrets and about searching for your own path in life (despite expectations of parents or other people). What a beginning of a trilogy, the story made me emotional and as expected it ended with a cliffhanger. Annie and Tyler were great characters and throughout the story you could really feel the chemistry between them building and building. But be warned, don’t expect steamy sex scenes yet but I’m sure that we will get them in the following books. I liked Annie very much, she was a positive and strong character and she wasn’t afraid to open her heart and show her vulnerability to the outside world. I admired that about her. And then you have Tyler, someone who is just made to become a hot rock star or at least, a hot musician. I can totally understand why Annie is falling for him and he for her but of course that would be too easy. To just fall in love and be happy. No, they will have to fight for their love and prove it to the outside world and themselves. Annie and Tyler are young so it’s understandable that they are easily influence by the people around them. But this, it broke my heart because you just felt that they were so right for each other. Annie is such a wonderful daughter and I felt sorry that Jax didn’t appreciated her and her feelings for Tyler more. That he tried to come between her friendship with Tyler. But then I think that in this case he acted more like a musician then a father. He recognized the great talent in Tyler and he focussed on that and not how his meddling would hurt his daughter. He only saw Tyler the musician, not Tyler the best friend of his daughter. I look forward to reading the continuing story of Annie and Tyler’s journey.
  • Good Girl on Jan. 11, 2023

    3,5 stars I love reading stories about nerds or about rockstars and here you have both! So I was very looking forward to reading it. ‘Good girl’ is a new adult story. It’s a light, fun, easy story to read. Which means that if you’re looking for a rock star story with lots of drama or sex in it than this isn’t the story for you but if you’re looking for a sweet, slow burn story to read than give this one a try. But be prepared! If you start this story, just know that this is a story in three part (books). The good news is, you can read the second story right after the first one AND you don’t have to wait too long for the third and last part of the story to read. Rockstar Jax Jamieson is famous. Every woman is crazy about him. Haley is no exception but where other women wants him for his hot body, Haley admires him for his songs, the words and feelings in them. Songs that helped her through some difficult times. Something that she’s Jax Jamieson very grateful for and if she would ever met him, she would tell him that. But unfortunately their first meeting isn’t a great one. No! But through circumstances, they meet again and this time they even have to spend time together because Haley is touring with Jax and his band! Slowly Jax and Haley are getting to know each other and both are intrigued by the other. But life isn’t always easy and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. The story is told from both POV’s. I enjoyed the banter between Jax and Haley. Jax may be a few years older than Haley and have more life experience than Haley but this isn’t an issue in this story. The second characters, especially the group of friends on tour, were also very great characters. There was no bitchiness or drama and I had fun with all the ‘rules’ for when you’re on tour that Haley got from the people around her. I’m curious about what happens in the next book ‘Bad girl’.
  • Beautiful Enemy on Jan. 11, 2023

    Fans of the writer Piper Lawson will be happy to know that she wrote another trilogy, this one is called the Enemies trilogy and ‘Beautiful enemy’ is the first book in it. The fact that it’s a trilogy means that this story ends with a cliffhanger but good news, the other books are also published! If you have read the ‘Rivals trilogy’ of this writer than you will recognize Harrison King and Raegan Madani, the main characters of this story. Rae (as friends call her) is Annie’s friend and Harrison is Tyler’s friend. But if you haven’t read that trilogy, don’t worry. You don’t have to the ‘Rivals trilogy’ before reading this book. In the story ‘A love song for dreamers’ Rae and Harrison met for the first time during Annie and Tyler’s wedding but that first meeting didn’t go well and since then things haven’t gone better. They have become enemies. So It’s quite a shock when Rae discovers that she is tricked into working for Harrison for a month and not only that but they will be living in the same house too! But a contract and circumstances make that Rae doesn’t leave Ibiza and Harrison the next day. So now Harrison and Rae will spend one month together, day and night . But what starts as a punishment (or a game for dominance between two enemies) slowly involves into something else, where secrets and painful pasts are shared, where little attentions say so much more than words. But deep down Harrison is a ruthless business man and Rae is a woman fighting in a man’s world to become a top DJ and to protect vulnerable women to be safe. One person thinks with his mind and one follows her heart. Can they find common ground or was it never meant to be? From their first meeting in ‘A love song for dreamers’ I have been waiting for Rae and Harrison’s story. You could feel the tension and the enemy vibes coming of them in big waves so I knew that their story would give fireworks and it did. But from the start you could also feel the attraction/fascination between these two characters and I liked that too. Rae is an interesting character, a mix of a confident, righteous, talented woman but she’s also hiding a vulnerable side and a big heart. I really like her character, how she looks at Harrison and sees what he’s hiding deep down. Because when Rae looks at Harrison she sees more than a just successful, wealthy businessman, she sees the lonely, caring and attentive guy too. Harrison starts out as a cold, intelligent businessman but slowly he reveals an other side too, a side that is loyal to the people that he cares for, a determination to hard work to make his (deceased) parents pride and to give his younger brother a good life. And just like Rae, he also looks deeper than just the surface, he tries to look into Rae’s heart and her dreams. The banter between Rae and Harrison is light, sexy and fascinating. I enjoyed it very much! In the story you get both POV’s. The secondary characters are great too. Harrison younger brother’s Ash is a fun, joyful character. He brings laughter and a little brother fun into the story. Harrison’s employees and friends are friendly and loyal. ‘Beautiful enemy’ isn’t a dark story but a light and entertaining enemy to lovers story and there may be an age gape between Rae and Harrison of ten years, I didn’t really felt it. Because although, yes Rae is still young and looking for her own path in life, she’s also mature for her age. This story is a great start of a trilogy.
  • Yuri (Her Russian Protector #3) on Jan. 14, 2023

    4,5 stars 2nd read: 2023 1st read : 2014 Review 2023: I’m really enjoying my reread of these stories in the ‘Her Russian protector’ series. In this story we get to see how Yuri Novakovsky and Yelena Cruz (or Lena like everyone calls her) get together. In the two previous stories you could already feel that there was a big attraction between hem but Lena was ignoring it. But you can’t ignore that kind of chemistry for long, so one night after a big discussion at her work, Lena goes upset to Yuri. One thing leads to another and that night something happens that make Lena give in and that’s the start of their relationship. But it will not be easy, Yuri is a busy billionaire businessman, who’s used to treat everything like a business deal. He doesn’t have any experience with relationships and he makes personal mistakes that hurt Lena. If he wants to keep Lena, he will have to learn quickly how to be a good boyfriend. The fact that Lena has trust issues makes it even harder. Lena for her part will have to trust that Yuri cares deeply for her and will keep his promises and won’t leave her like everyone else. Meanwhile, danger is also surrounding them, it started small but soon things are spiralling out of control. Can Yuri keep Lena safe and free her father from the hands of a dangerous cartel? One thing is sure, Yuri will need all the help he can get. Yuri and Lena were perfect for each other. Both had a difficult childhood, they grew up in bad neighbourhoods, Yuri in Russian and Lena in Houston, America. So that was something they shared, just like their determination to get out of there by working hard, being stubborn and making smart decisions. Both were intelligent and used their talents in a good way. Yuri as a businessman and Lena as a PR specialist. I loved it that both were honest with each other, Yuri made some mistakes but it was never his intention to hurt Lena and he was always very sorry afterwards. I appreciated it that Lena made it clear that she was upset and hurt but she didn’t make him suffer too long for it. They acted like adults and talked about it. Just like any other rich guy Yuri loved nothing more than to spoil Lena with gifts and little surprises. Although Lena acted confidently, deep down she was insecure. She couldn’t really understand why a rich, charming playboy like Yuri would fall for someone like her. But she talked about her insecurities and doubts with Yuri. That was another thing that I liked that in this story. A new character in this book was Yuri’s dog Sacha, he was something special and like Yuri, he was very protective of Lena. His behaviour had me smiling a few times. In this story we learned more about Yuri and Nikolai’s past, about their time in the orphanage in Russian. Other characters that we got to know a little better were Ty Weston and Yuri’s bodyguards Derick, Jake, Vasya and Kelly (who’s also a bouncer for the nightclub Faze). Again you got both POV’s in the story. There were a few steamy sex scenes in it, nothing as kinky as in Dimitri’s book but the scenes were still very hot. With each book, the stories get longer and longer, more pages to read and to enjoy, that makes me very happy. Although there is fighting and shooting in the story, it’s not a very dark story, perfect for readers who wants to read a mafia series for the first time. I do recommend that you start with the first book. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
  • A Very Russian Christmas (Her Russian Protector 3.5) on Jan. 19, 2023

    I enjoyed these little Christmas stories. It was great to see how the couples (Dimitri & Benny, Yuri & Lena and Ivan & Erin) were doing and how they were celebrating Christmas for the first time as a couple. Although they’re still not a couple, Nikolai and Vivian also had their own Christmas story in it. I can’t wait to see how these two finally fall in love (their story is next in the series!). There were also a few stories in it about characters that we haven’t met yet or only as a secondary character. It was interesting to learn a bit more about them and to see who their future love interest will be. The stories were told from both POV’s. I’m happy that the writer gave us these little Christmas stories. I liked them.
  • Nikolai (Her Russian Protector #4) on Jan. 29, 2023

    In almost every series there’s always a secondary character who’s so interesting that you can’t wait to read his/her story. In this series ‘Her Russian protector’, Nikolai was that character for me. From the first story you could feel that there was a connection between Nikolai, a Russian mob boss and his young warden Vivian and with each story it became more obvious that they cared deeply for each other, everyone around them saw it, but Vivian and Nikolai had their own reasons not to cross the line of their friendship. But seeing their friends find love with each other, made their feelings and longings more extreme. Then one night Vivian was kidnapped and Nikolai was left badly injured. Vivian was in great danger and only one man could save her and that man was Nikolai. Although badly injured, he did everything he could to find her and save her. After rescuing her, the next step was to protect Vivian against danger, against their enemies. But how could Nikolai protect Vivian from danger, if he didn’t know who the enemy was? There were two ways, he could send Vivian away from him and the danger that surrounded them or he could marry her and give her the protection of his name. Which solution will he or Vivian choose? And if the threats come closer, can Nikolai keep Vivian safe? One thing is for sure, people will get hurt or die before this is over. From the beginning I was fascinated with Nikolai’s character. He was a bit of a mystery in the previous books, although from the beginning it was clear that he was in the Russian mob. I was really exciting to read his story. Vivian was a bit of a mysterious character too. When we met her for the first time in the first book, I thought of her as a young, innocent girl who had a tough childhood but nothing more. But in this story it became clear that she had a terrible childhood and that lots of things had happened when she was a child (just like with Nikolai). But even so, Vivian still managed to keep something innocent and sweet about her. I can totally understand why Nikolai and his men were so protective of her and why they cared so much about her. She was so forgiven when someone did her wrong and felt sorry afterwards and she never judged someone for their past. She was very understanding, loyal and supportive. Vivian’s gentle touch and heart was just what Nikolai needed in his life (even though he tried his best to push her away in the beginning). They were a lovely pair. Again we got both POV’s in the story but unlike the previous stories, this one was a slow burn story. I think that the writer made the right decision by keeping this story more slow. Because another difference in this story was that Vivian was a virgin (because of her faith) and she wanted to stay one until she married. But don’t worry, there were still some hot sex scenes in the story. You just had to wait for it. One little thing that I had trouble with was with one scene at the end, where Nikolai ran into danger, without any backup. That wasn’t really smart of him but then he’s an alpha guy and he probably thought he could handle it on his own. Luckily, he got help from someone unexpected. It was wonderful so see to many familiar faces again and to see how all the couples were doing. We got to learn more about the working of the Russian mob and we met the men working for Nikolai. ‘Nikolai’ was a good story and I’m looking forward to reading more stories in this series.