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The brainchild of British Author Penelope Fletcher.

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Smashwords book reviews by Stephenson & Fletcher

  • The Arrival on May 23, 2011

    I'm little more than a strumpet when it comes to book covers, and this one had me rolling over and practically purring. It's not obvious but subtly engaging. At first the numerous points of view annoyed the hell out of me because I wanted to crawl into one characters head and stay there, letting the rest of the story envelope me. But I have to humble myself and say by doing this I was able to glean a broad and comprehensive understanding of the story, of the characters in a way I don't think I have before. The p.o.v changes let you glimpse one person in so many different ways it's like you know them personally. I won't ramble on about the storyline - hey, it's a book read it yourself - but what I will say is you'll find yourself swept into another world ... it takes a long time to get there, but it does happen. I love a pacy read and whilst at first I thought this wasn't going to cut it, it picks up momentum … like a rolling stone it gathered power toward the end. Oh, Lord above save me from cliff hanger endings! But I will be grabbing the sequel once it's out. The sudden missing edge had me diving off looking for the sequel rather than clinging on with my fingernails scowling into the abyss. The storytelling style is a tad intrusive, and if you like figuring out emotions for yourself by action you may find yourself disgruntled at times, but I for one found the read refreshing, and an interesting take on the classic damsel in distress scenario. This story reminded me not to become a slave to submissive romance. Rather than swooning at your lovers feet take up arms and kick ass like the ladies in this book. *deranged battle cry*