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Smashwords book reviews by Penny Graves

  • A Lady Pays Her Penalties on Feb. 19, 2011

    An excellent read. I found there were a few bumps to be expected in a free unedited book. about a dozen typos total in all four stories, (a few misspellings, an occasional word repeated, and one instance of a British spelling in a book that is otherwise all American English) not much worse than some books that are professionally edited. The stories are not so much titillating as they are intellectually stimulating. The first three stories are a wonderful collection of an extreme control freak who after an accident, resigns herself to being supervised and assisted in sexual punishments she has predetermined as the penalty for losing online backgammon games. The fourth story is some time later after she has married and begins to play a game with her husband, to spice up what he considered a marriage gone bland. The fourth story was not quite as good as the first three in my opinion but the previous easily carried the last story. The ending of the last story isn't a surprise but certainly makes you wonder. This collection is by far the best free ebook of this genre I have read.
  • Wives in Service on March 13, 2011

    Brilliant! Zacharias writes deeply into the stories. Character development is a little lax, but the stories are far more considered than most erotica I have read. Zacharias is fast becoming a favorite author.
  • A Bestiary of Unnatural Women on March 13, 2011

    I am not sure what I expected of this collection of short stories. I knew there were far more stories in the same number of words as the other collections. I should have expected them to be not quite on par of the other stories I have read. All of the stories are quite good in premise, and I was not let down by the stories. But some seemed a bit too short, I feel like there is more depth to the stories but they were a bit rushed to get to an end. Some were fine in their short prose, but some really begged for more story time. Zacharias is still a favorite author and I eagerly look forward to more reading but this collection is just a bit short of perfect in my opinion.
  • Punish Me, Please Me on March 16, 2011

    Exquisite! Zacharias' stories are far more than titillating erotica. In fact most stories are quite low on titillation in favor of making them a thought provoking adventure into the secret world of masochistic women. Each story is an psychological excursion into lengths that women will go to attain what they want. Exploiting the primal urge to prove their quality as breeding stock, these women try to fulfill their modern needs. I eagerly await the next smashwords publication of an Ashley Zacharias story.