Ron L. Davis


Ron. L. Davis was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, to Sidney and Sally Ladyman Davis. His father, Sidney, L. was a member of the Cameronian Scottish Rifles 1st Battalion during World War II. The 1st Battalion spent the entire time in the Far East distinguishing itself in the defence of India and as part of the famous Chindits who outwitted and eventually out-fought the Japanese in Burma. He was then posted to Kenya (in the wake of the Mau Mau Uprising), attached to the Kings African rifles. Ron grew up in Newcastle from birth before moving to Kenya to join his father along with his mother, two brothers and one sister. After leaving Kenya the family followed their father to Berwick upon Tweed, then on to Glasgow and then to Lanark where the Cameronian Scottish Rifles were based. His family; two brothers and a sister now reside in Canada.
Ron was educated in Kenya, Berwick, Glasgow and Barnard Castle; served five years in the Merchant Marines on passenger and tramp ships, travelling around the world several times. He also served nine years in the British forces serving in Kenya, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Ron has taught creative writing and was a member of various writers groups in Northumberland and the Borders and was also a teacher of I.T. in the Borders. He is now retired and has started writing again. Over the past 15 years he has written novels in various genre including Thrillers, SCI-FI, Fantasy and Murder Mystery and two volumes of short stories, one of which is now available on Amazon Kindle along with his first SCI-FI novel. He plans to publish another four novels in the near future there are now six novels available on Amazon Kindle.


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