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  • A Soldier's Journey Through Life on June 17, 2012

    A great book which is about the tug of war between the author's passion for his wife, and his duty to the Army. The rigors of Army life are juxtaposed against the comforts of home life. The common thread that weaves through the book is the author's absolute love and devotion to his wife. The style of writing is crisp and interesting throughout. All in all, a worthwhile reading experience.
  • Smiles, Tears And Heartbreaks on Feb. 07, 2014
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    This collection of short essays, snippets and strolls down memory lane is highly entertaining and informative. The author weaves a patchwork quilt of random events from his stream of consciousness. The author's pen flows from his heart; that is why the recounting of some incidents is touching beyond measure. I actually smiled and wept while reading this book. Lakshman Singh's keen insight into human nature rivals that of a psychologist.