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  • The Zombie Knight Saga - Volume One - Elegy for an Immortal on Aug. 15, 2021

    One of the best novels out on the Web. It also has a unique power system which is really well thought out and balance if I must say. From Wikia: Magic System Servant powers are abilities that servants develop as they age. Each servant will develop exactly one ability, from one of the six basic types: Materialization, Transfiguration, Alteration, Destruction, Integration, and Mutation. A power's strength can be increased by three methods. Meditation and training are slower but safe and guaranteed to work. Emergence is unpredictable but gives larger jumps in power. Materialization empowers a servant with the ability to materialize a specific element or compound from nothing and annihilate said creations. Transfiguration also affects a specific element, but rather than allowing the servant to create their element from nothing they can instead turn sections of their body into their element. Alteration unlike materialization and transfiguration affects the laws of physics rather than any specified element, servants with this ability will have control over one specific area of physics whether that be a force or type of energy, such as gravity, particle vibrations, or light. Destruction is a unique ability unlike any other as it propels distorted space in a geometric shape along a predetermined path. Integration allows for the fusion of disparate objects into a single whole, with properties of the original materials. Mutation allows the servant to permanently alter their body. It has a slow start and the MC also is not like the other MC from other novels where they become powerful in just 10 or so chapters. I am up to date up to the latest pages(on the official site), and I must say the story is really good and been a fan for over seven years. If you have the time, give it a try and you might find yourself in a story unlike any other.