Per Winblad


Per Winblad is recognized as one of Sweden's leading management coaches and an experienced leader in achieving leadership excellence.

He is the founder of Motivation Consultant Inc., a well respected international training firm serving such companies as Ericsson and Nokia as well as non-profit organizations. The company’s focus is building strong leaders and to helping employees perform at their best. To date Per has assisted over 5000 managers to greater effectiveness and leadership excellence.

As a coach and trainer of business leaders and their teams, Per knows how to support and transform good leaders into great ones. Along with strong inter-personal and communication skills, he has hands-on experience in a broad range of organizations and their development processes.
He is an expert in the process of successful implementations of strategy and how to get all the personnel involved and aligned with the organizations visions and values in the effort to be marketing leaders.

He is the author of the award-winning leadership book The Wisdom of Leadership - Timeless Principles for Greater Purpose, Prosperity and Peace of mind, a best-selling book in Sweden that was recently released in the US.

When he speaks, Per both inspires and motivates his audiences while revealing to them the universal guiding principles that contribute to long-term effective leadership and success for individuals and organizations. He is one of the rare people who has been successful at translating this energy and inspiration to his writing. Per travels extensively presenting leadership principles to audiences and companies worldwide.

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The Wisdom of Leadership
How You Can Apply the Timeless Wisdom of Solomon to Take Leadership Over Your Life - Enhancing Career, Personal Achievement & Relationships. Trailer for the newly released leadership book "The Wisdom of Leadership - timeless principles for greater purpose, prosperity and peace of mind" - trailer 1


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