Peter Green


Peter Green is a writer, artist, poet and photographer.
He has written articles celebrating the history, heritage, culture and beauty of Wales, Scotland, England
and Ireland.
Born and raised in the dramatically beautiful North Wales. Then living in the stunning coastal national
park of Pembrokeshire, where his beautiful and talented daughter Josie was born. Now residing on the
inspirational Dingle Peninsula on the West coast of Ireland.
Peter has been a lifelong lover of the ocean. A keen water sportsman, he has surfed and kayaked at
locations along the entire Western coast of Europe, from Scotland to Portugal.
His writing, art, photography and poetry is inspired by these rugged, timeless places where ocean,
weather and land collide.
A passionate student of all things Celtic, and a keen historian, he is intrigued by the history, myths and
legends of the Sea Kingdoms of Western Europe.
Peter is also a marine conservationist and teacher, working as a marine mammal observer, promoting
marine protection areas and stewardship of the ocean, as a means to conserve and sustain fish stocks,
seabird, marine mammal and cetacean populations.
The tales of the Milesians are plentiful on the West coast of Ireland. This heady concoction of
imagination and history combined with a rich literary and artistic tradition has culminated in :
“The Tales of Amergin ”
“ Sea Druid, the Journey Beyond the Veil “, is the first book in a series of tales exploring and illuminating
the adventures of the druid, warrior prince and poet.

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