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I'm a long-term science fiction fan who has:
- Written numerous short stories that were first published on Amazon.
- Been a level designer who created map packs for the Half-Life video game that include "Fallback," "Experimental Problems," along with "Fallback, Fire, and Ice", along with other map packs.
- Created numerous shareware titles including "Quenzar's Caverns" way back when shareware was relevant.

My foundations in SF are based upon my favourite authors such as Heinlein, Brin, Bear, Benford, Clarke, Niven, Peter F. Hamilton, Pohl, Vance, and Zelazny.

I'm busy working on a novel and universe titled "Exocrisis Blue" that is a "realistic" crossover between regular SF and anime mecha. I would like to blend the best elements from both genres while keeping it oriented to a more hard SF / mainstream audience. The first story released in this crossover is HARM. If you liked HARM, expect more of the same action with more story! I will likely release a few post-apocalyptic stories too, but they need some editing first. It should be a fun and interesting road ahead.

My next book in the Exocrisis Blue universe, "Raid on Kahamba," has been released. More world building and mecha action with twice the page count!

Thank you to the hundreds of readers who downloaded my books both paid and free. It has been very encouraging. I'm not a best selling author, but I have my niche that I'm busy carving out, so thanks for the support!

Visit my author's blog at: for more musings from me and to keep posted on new developments.

I also blog about Japanese Pop Culture at if you are interested in that. Travelling in Japan is an interesting blend of the old and the future with that unique Japanese twist.

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