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  • Always Forever on June 15, 2012

    The journey begins with a meticulously recorded account of the build-up to a relationship; one that holds our attention because we’ve all been that route and can vicariously relive our own experience through his. The vividly captured detail of Manila, on the eve of a Mr. Gay World contest, reinforces the verisimilitude of the narrative, and our interest escalates as we realise this is going to be less of a novel than the genuine article. It’s about as contemporary as any tale can be. We follow much of the development of this trans-oceanic love affair via SMS text messaging, and we share the eagerness and aching thumbs of racing to tap out those sometimes inane sentences, the impatience for those replies and the effort of trying to read what’s left unsaid between the lines. About halfway through, a sense of foreboding builds as we wonder if the angel wings tattooed on the back of the beloved are destined only to briefly brush this earth, but we draw consolation from the words of ‘Our Song’ quoted at the book’s beginning: ‘This song is not about loss, it’s about gain’. A deeply personal and beautifully crafted memoir. Peter Moss (author of the Singing Tree)