Peter Muirhead


Peter Muirhead is the third son of the late William and Julia Muirhead and was born in Aigbirth, Garston Liverpool in 1928. At the age of 11 he was sent to St Joseph's College, a seminary at Upholland near Wigan. Not a particularly willing student, he left there when he was 17 and following his father's footsteps he joined the Royal Navy where he trained as a wireless operator. He then joined the Western Approach's Fleet aboard HMS Loch Fada and after the cessation of hostilities he was de-mobbed.
After a 5 year service in the West Sussex Constabulary he left to become a self-employed salesman. A small legacy enabled him to purchase a property in Wokingham and he started his own business as a caterer.
He ‘retired' and moved to Hereford where he continued his selling with Allied Dunbar.
He started writing small stories for a Kent News Paper called the Focus, when it ceased operating he began writing novels.

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