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Baron LeSade
Latest book: A Quick Ten Bucks. Published April 19, 2016.
Carl Chelsea
Latest book: Dirty Little Thing - Party Girl. Published November 30, 2018.
Caterina Sanchez
Latest book: Champagne Complex. Published September 23, 2018.
E. Z. Lay
Latest book: Dirty Stories: Slow and Deep, Erotic Tales. Published February 6, 2012.
Em Brown
Latest book: A Wicked Sea. Pre-release—available December 26, 2018.
Epic Sex Stories
Latest book: The Best of Epic Sex Stories. Published November 5, 2013. (5.00 from 1 review)
George Boxlicker
Latest book: Jill and Me. Published November 7, 2018.
Grace Vilmont
Latest book: Forward Cowgirl 2. Published November 25, 2016.
Jena Cryer
Latest book: His Black Beauty. Published January 21, 2015.
Jeremy Sterling
Latest book: Compromised. Published March 23, 2013. (4.80 from 5 reviews)
JJ Argus
Latest book: The Penthouse. Published December 7, 2018.
Jodie Halliday
Latest book: Holly Loves London. Published June 28, 2017.
Kracy Wan
Latest book: Bound By Mystery. Published November 4, 2015.
Lilith Goode
Latest book: Cuckolding For Fun And Revenge. Published August 12, 2014. (4.00 from 1 review)
Lillian Snow
Latest book: Erotica: Swallow It All, Tales of Sex. Published December 4, 2012.
Ms. Downlow
Latest book: Downsized. Published June 22, 2011. (4.40 from 5 reviews)
Olivia Jake
Latest book: Jennifer's Surrender. Published March 7, 2014.
Patsy Highsmith
Latest book: Under The Doctor's Control. Published January 6, 2013.
S. Wolf
Latest book: Native Lust. Published June 25, 2011. (3.00 from 3 reviews)
Sophie Sin
Latest book: The Nerdy Office Girl. Published December 11, 2018.
Suzanne St. Louis
Latest book: The Impregnator. Published October 15, 2018.
Valerie Saxon
Latest book: Hannah's Sins. Published October 14, 2013.