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Skip the boring parts, advised Elmore Leonard. The boring parts--like an author's bio, for example. Yet, here you are. So the least I can do is to make up my mind and write down something.

I write. I rewrite. Sometimes I move words around, as if I hoped for the perfect turn of phrase to magically appear and save my day. It never does.
There was a time I believed that revising meant I wasn't any good. That's no longer the case. Anyway, though enjoyable, revising isn't at all a straightforward process. Not for me at least.

Usually, my first drafts are nothing more than bare-bones synopses of the stories I want to write. Then revision after revision I see my stories grow bigger and bigger. Usually I let my hands rush all over the keyboard and pound into existence whatever they want to.

However, later on, when I have to clean up a particularly difficult passage, I often end up finding out that the best solution has to do with cutting, paring down. Luckily, words aren't trees, and I can chop down an entire metaphorical forest even if while doing so I'm crying for the fate of my wonderful creations.

Indeed, at times I fall in love with what I write-well, most of the times. In such cases my fiancee, who is way wiser than me, usually shakes her head and with a smile sends me back to my study. But she does so with such a grace that I end up believing I myself have decided to go through one more revision.

Well, more or less, that's all. Ah...I almost forgot. I'm also an omnivorous reader, a runner, a hiker, computer gamer, and a coffee addict. Hiking and reading get most of my coffee-powered attention. Instead to video games I allot a very small portion of time. Indeed, especially with role playing games, I constantly run the risk of falling off this side of the universe. Anyway, writing is already an activity immersive enough in its own right.

So long, and thanks for reading.


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The Wind Tower
Price: Free! Words: 6,410. Language: American English. Published: September 20, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller, Fiction » Horror » Crime
Pietro believes it shouldn't be that difficult to kill his work mate. After all, his is a dangerous job. And indeed, when he's up there on the top of the wind tower, and the storm is raging, it seems everyday rules no longer apply. Yet...

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