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  • Talking Them Through: Crisis Communications with the Emotionally Disturbed and Mentally Ill on Feb. 20, 2012

    Awesome! I forced myself to stay awake until I had read the whole thing immediately after I bought it, and then read it again a few times since then, and recommended it to everybody I know (to whom it applies). I almost immediately had the "opportunity" to try out some of the ideas presented in this book (living and patrolling in Hollywood, CA gives an unfortunately high volume of access to these "opportunities" for me) ... and Rory's advice works perfectly. I've read just about everything Rory has published, been to his workshops, and even convinced him to write an article for the blog (thanks, Rory!). This one is a whole new category - nobody knows this stuff this well AND writes so clearly and personally about it. If you even begin to think the information in this book might ever be even marginally useful to you, then it's required reading. If you'll never, ever have any need at all to deal with emotionally disturbed person (who are you?) then it's still a well written, and even entertaining book. Heck, just read it.