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Smashwords book reviews by peter veenhof

  • Star Wars - Artoo Detoo: Droid of a Kind (Volume 1) on Oct. 31, 2012

    This book is one fast ride trough the galaxy of Star Wars in wich you'll witness the *birth of the phenomenom r2-d2* and the many adventures he goes through,besides there is the story about Maul how he becomes Sith What i really liked in this book is the way the author describes the lightsaber duels and space combat,i could picture the many epic duels as if i was there. Than there are some new introduced Star wars characters that you'll (it depends if you're a darkside or a lightside fan) love or hate. The author even managed to create a very cool Jar-Jar can't wait for the 2nd droid of a kind book.
  • Star Wars: Awakening on Nov. 12, 2012

    Do you love Star Wars?? Didn't you like the prequels?? Then this is a book you must read. The author tried and succeeded in fixing the flaws of The Phantom menace. You will read about some really cool new characters for example the best podracing pilot of the galaxy and a bodygard who is almost cooler than Boba Fett. You will read about an Anakin who isn't just a happy kid,but a kid with a big rage within. I must say that i really like the smooth writing style,from the start of the book i got into a flow and the book was over before i knew it. Split Horizons you're next!
  • Aunt May's Kitchen on Jan. 18, 2013

    First things first Thumbs up to the author. Aunt May's kitchen was so much fun to read,with a collection of short stories about Spidey and his friends The Avengers and The X-Men such as:Capt.America,The Hulk,Ironman,Cyclops,Wolverine etc...were there are super heroes there are super villains as Mysterio,Emma Frost,Red Hulk etc. I started reading this book and i got into a flow and the book was finished before i knew it. Every time i finished a short story i couldn't wait to start the next story Aunt May is the best..She takes care of all of Spidey's friends,gives them advise,even wash their clothes(can't let a hero look dirty)and they all love to eat from Aunt May's Kitchen. She even saves Scott Summers and Jean Grey By clobbering their opponent with a baseball bat,and Mysterio was no match for her smartness. That were enough Spoilers go and check the book Yourself. Peter.