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Smashwords book reviews by Paula Fetty-King

  • Mercy Bound on June 11, 2013

    Woooohoooo, the South has Risen!! That's right people, we have a new southern vampire series to warm or hearts with. I so thoroughly enjoyed this novel- it was entertaining, fast paced, and had enough plot twists to keep me on my toes. Mercy Cross is a death oracle. She is also a band tee sporting, doc marten wearing, kick-ass girl who lives with her aunt- a vegan witch. Mercy lands herself smack dab in the middle of a political vampire war set in New Orleans. This story had a familiar feel to it, if you love paranormal fiction, you know what I mean. All my favorites made an appearance: Vampires, Witches, and Wears... oh my! This book had all the elements that made me love Sookie, but without the terrible wardrobe choices. I actually think Mercy is a little more complex and much more headstrong than a certain telepathic waitress. I can't wait to see what will happen next... I hope this is a long series with lots more to be seen of my hunky cowboy vampire~ Woogie Bear.
  • The Argument on June 22, 2013

    Delightful! My 7 year old and I, had a marvelous time reading this fable-like story. A rivalry between the Sun, the Wind, and the Rain makes this cute tale one you will think of whenever the weather next catches you off guard. My son especially loved the artwork, which for him, can make or break a book.
  • Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj 1) on June 23, 2013

    Dreams of the Queen was a great mix of si-fi and psychological thriller. I had a wonderful time reading this first installment, and if you like both of these genres, you will too. This will be a series to watch for. Any si-fi lover worth their salt knows the importance of a well placed wormhole through time and space ~ this book's got it! Um... a mad genius out for revenge and ultimate control ~ yes please! Inter species romance with some va-va-voom... yep it's in here! This was a fast paced story with strong characters. Cass is a wonderful lead woman who grows into herself so to speak throughout her adventure. Even the supporting characters have a depth to them that lend something to the story. The twists in the plot are not something I'm gonna give away, but trust me, the ending just leaves you with a certain dread and longing for the next book.
  • Black Heart on June 25, 2013

    I more than liked Black Heart, and I sincerely hope this is only the beginning for Nasira and Annie. Short stories work for me if they have 2 things: Strong characters that are endearing right away, and a conflict that unfolds at breakneck speed~ this book had both, along with a cast of all my favorite para-normals. I really enjoyed what the author was doing here - wit, edge, and non conforming to the stereotypes we have grown to accept in the Para/Fantasy genre made this unique, and held me till the end. There were some serious editing issues, that would not allow me to rate it higher than a 3.5, but if corrected, would take this book from like to love for me. The world of paranormal fantasy/romance needs more original voices like this one. It is not the only reason I think this story was a success, but it bears mentioning ~ the young couple in love in this story is not made of the para + human persuasion, but instead is vampire + werewolf = love. They also happen to be lesbians (it rocks, I know)... so if you are ready for a fresh voice, and a new view on an old favorite- read this book, hell you may want to watch this author~ I know I will.
  • The Night Before on June 29, 2013

    What a fantastic dragon tale. I have two young boys, and this book was a hit with both of them. The rhyming versus make for a sing song feel that keeps my two year old interested. My seven year old really enjoyed the twist at the end. The artwork and font selection add a nice touch as well. We will treasure this story in my home for years to come. This is a dragon book worth owning!
  • The Bridge of Dead Things on Oct. 05, 2013

    I originally picked this book up looking for a ghost tale. What I got was a fantastically detailed historical fiction novel ~ rich with period details from 1800 London, colorful characters, AND a very gripping ghostly tale. This book was branded YA, which I could see since the protagonist is a young girl (13 or 14), but beware ~ this is no 'love triangle' YA book, or 'OMG, I just had my first kiss' kind of YA. This is a well written, entertaining story about a young girl who has powers she doesn't understand. As usual with the young and naive, there are always those looking to exploit. I especially detested the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' in this story, and could not have been happier with the outcome they found for themselves. The haunting mystery in this book, drew me in and I was very satisfied when given answers to ALMOST all the questions swimming around my mind. I was both shocked and pleased to find this book to be only the first in a series, so I am eager to get my hands on the second installment. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction, or a good thriller. Read this book, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Scarab Heart on April 27, 2014

    Fantastically written addition to the Lizzie Baylock series!! As much as I loved The Book of Dead Things ~ I adored The Scarab Heart! These books are marvelous, really and truly something special! Lizzie Baylock is a Victorian teen who can bring dead people back to the living temporarily. This is a talent she discovered in book 1. In this adventure, she travels with her blind and aging mentor, Miss Ottis to an archaeological dig in Egypt. I love accurately based historical fiction so this was a real treat for me. Ancient Egypt is a fascinating subject in itself, but bringing in our young medium, and giving her even another 'special gift' was dazzling. Once again Lizzie finds herself learning of young love as a side note, not the main event. Which is quite refreshing. This story is amazing ~ the fact that this young girl has to navigate the current mystery with an ancient one gives it real depth. Loved, Loved, Loved it! I would recommend this book to any and all. I love this series of YA historical fiction, that Michael Gallagher has created, and can not wait to read the next one.... whatever will Lizzie get up to now?