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M.D. Morris (b. 1982 – ), writer, music producer, community activist, mentor.

After repeated thoughts of abortion, due to societal and family pressures, his mother gave birth to him on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, Kansas, where she was a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Child Development.

Soon after she graduated and married, they moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like most black children, he never knew or seen his father. So he looked to his mother's husband for love and guidance. But instead, he found himself entering a world of malicious acts of child abuse.

With the consistent mental and physical abuse by his stepfather, he found a place where he could be loved and accepted…the streets of Milwaukee. The hustlers, the winos, the pimps and the prostitutes, the drug dealers and the drug-addicted and any other lost soul that walked the ghetto…became his father…became his next direction.

Though the street life consumed most of his soul and mind, he still found time for education. Nicknamed Braniac, the kids in High School ridiculed and teased him for his academic progress and standing. Chess Club. Perfect attendance. Honor student. At the end of his sophomore year, he surrendered to the peer pressure and chose a new direction…crime. But he still graduated from High School and was accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In 2004, he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and minors in Marketing and International Finance.

After graduating from college, he realized that there was no real job security in America. He felt that in order to survive, you had to look at what gifts and talents God gave you and use them to create business and financial empowerment. On a trip to visit his mother in Orlando, Florida, he decided Orlando would be the city where he would build his kingdom. He created Phamous Models, an image branding and marketing company that specialized in creating “industry buzz” for people in the arts and entertainment industry. (Phamous Models is divided into five divisions: Films, Modeling, Music, Publishing and Merchandising, which also includes a non-profit organization called, “We Will Never Forget” Foundation for The Child Abused and The Neglected.). he set out to control and dominate the arts and entertainment market with a set of “rules” and a code of ethics similar to a military strategist.

In 2010, Morris began writing the controversial semi-autobiography, "I Did It My Way: The Prelude". The work originated from his life living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Encouraged to expand the work into a full-length narrative and feature film, Morris produced a 3,153 page manuscript that became widely criticized for it's violent and glamorization of street violence and justice.

Critics praised the vivid realism of "The Prelude" and favorably compared Morris to James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, and Richard Wright. Like them, Morris was hailed as a powerful, relentless chronicler of the brutal reality of African American life in northern urban cities. Additionally, "I Did It My Way: The Prelude" was held up as an American success story, the narrative of one who beat the odds of his childhood and saved his own life.

With well over 10,000 written pieces of poetry and lyric sheets, not including seventeen novels and twenty screenplays and the mind of a business tyrant, he feels he has a substantial amount of ammunition to go to war with anybody in the entertainment and publishing industries.

From almost being an aborted fetus, to an abusive childhood, which led to a violent life of crime, M.d. Morris has emerged from the depths of hell with a vision and a plan. He has used his stumbling blocks as stepping-stones. His character, his words, his love for poor people and his subject matter are emotionally infectious.

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M.D. Morris' re-dramatized semi-autobiography is a complex story of survival and the promise of redemption and change; one that American history often buries and expects the world to forgive and to forget. Raised on the streets of poverty-stricken Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Morris' childhood was engulfed in child abuse, crime, societal hopelessness and violence.

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