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  • The Book of Deacon on Aug. 23, 2010

    Disclaimer: Before you read my review, I'd like you to know that I am a friend of the author. I enjoyed the entire trilogy of "The Book of Deacon" and my review reflects the work and my appreciation for fantasy novels, not espousing empty accolades for a friend in a vain attempt to coerce your purchase. On to my review, the "Ebook description" above is enough of a glimpse into the story that I'd feel comfortable sharing with you. With that in mind, what I'd like to convey is the detail everything is given to fully flesh out the world and characters. Each major character has an air about them that is very much unique and what you'll find is that many people might relate differently to each character. Each and every action carried out by the characters is firmly rooted behind a subset of distinguishable qualities that breathes life into this fantasy world. Combine this with my favorite aspect of the series is the engineered world of magic. Magic isn't just "Hocus Pocus" that can be zapped from a wand, but a structured, categorized system that can be mastered independently or woven together. The most important facet of magic in "The Book of Deacon" is that it has to make sense. For every outlandish spell you can think of, there is an explanation as to not only what has been done, but HOW. It is this immense attention to detail that has made "The Book of Deacon" so fun to read. Everything has rules that must be adhered to, so much so, that reading the trilogy stopped feeling like an Epic Fantasy and more like an amazing history.