phenexrose's favorite authors on Smashwords

Andi C. Buchanan
Latest book: Microscopes and Magic.
Published November 23, 2023.
Andi R. Christopher
Latest book: Data and Divination.
Published February 12, 2024.
D A Kelly
Latest book: Memoirs of a Mad Scientist One: Solarpunk Outlaw.
Published January 3, 2024.
JR Creaden
Latest book: Moon Dust in My Hairnet.
Published April 19, 2024.
M.E. Purfield
Latest book: Fealltoir.
Pre-release—available June 21, 2024.
Latest book: The Night Before.
Published December 11, 2023.
Skye Kilaen
Latest book: Glorious Day.
Published September 10, 2023.
X. Ho Yen
Latest book: Custodians of the Future.
Published October 9, 2023.