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This story has light adult content and a few dirty words! It is written purely from my imagination even though I did leave home at twelve years old. It was a dream of mine, to meet someone like Bill McGee who would really cared.
At age twelve I ran away for good; Mode of transportation, my thumb. I was hired to fix truck flats in a Mississippi truck stop working for three dollars a day, twelve hour shifts, seven days a week where I lived in the storage room for almost two years. That's where I learned to drive a big rig, bringing them around to the service bay, and back to the parking lot.
In 1964, I became a Carney at age 14 and worked for Royal American shows, winter grounds in Tampa Florida.
At 15, I was married. My one and only son was born and a few months later. I thumbed to Portales N.M. from Florida and worked the wheat harvest that year ending up on the streets of New Orleans where I spent time living in a cardboard box behind Camp Street Inn, in New Orleans La. the winter of 1967.
In February of 1968, I crawled out of the cardboard box one morning and started walking towards Mobile Al. eating out of winter gardens along the road with a new plan.
I went to a mission in Mobile where I cleaned up and was given clothes. Then I caught a truck to Tullahoma, Tennessee because I needed my mothers signature to enlist in the Army. I was seventeen years old. My wife divorced me after she discovered I joined the military.
Twenty years later, I came back to the mountain above where I grew up, staring into the valley below I wrote the song Hawkins Cove on my beer sack sitting on the steps at the foot of the, "The Cross." A monument standing on Sewanee Mountain outside of the town. A monument for the American soldiers that served in the American Wars since World War One.

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Outlaw Trainer
A story of a young boy that ran away from home at twelve years old, caught a ride with a trucker and disappeared. The old man took a liking to him and told him, "son, if no one teaches you how to make a living while your young you'll be sucked into the back streets of hell." "Stick with me boy, and I'll make an Outlaw Trucker out of you!


The Growers
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The Growers is a story about a Vietnam Veteran who came home with a plan to grow the best weed in Tennessee with a hand full of seeds he brought home from Vietnam. This group of characters is made up of winners, lovers, losers, enemy's and best friends, parents,and beautiful hot women, taking a 4th of July trip on LSD. Its a story about musicians and songwriters. "Thai weed and Tennessee shine!"
Oil Field Trucker Trainees of the Early 1960's
Series: Outlaw Trainer. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 49,090. Language: English. Published: June 25, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Travel, Fiction » Coming of age
Bill McGee put Randy in the drivers seat one week after they headed west to Bakersfield and started teaching him to back the into parking spots. When they got to Santa Rosa N.M. that's where they met Buzz Hopkins trying to wiggle into a parking space where Bill and Randy watched until Bill said, "let's go give him a hand before he runs over one of those trucks he trying to get in between!"

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