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Smashwords book reviews by phillipa andrews

  • Comfort Food on July 23, 2010

    I'd give it ten stars. This book changed my life. I'm an avid reader of Erotica but this one made me realise how important this type of relationship is to me. I had read bdsm books and perhaps some of you don't class this as bdsm because it goes further or it's more taboo. Nothing got to me as much as this book. The first time I read it, I was immensely interested. I had dreams about this book. It will be the book I always go back to and one that has firm fixture in my life. There are books that make me cry and wow me. This one holds something more because it goes that step further. I didn't realise until I read the book that I was interested in capture and kidnap. In fact up till then, when I read it in other books, good books, it didn't really do anything for me, I found that part a bore - you know why? This as the author has said is about dominance and not the illusion of it. It's not role play. It is ACTUALY submission. It's beautiful. It's free-ing. I ADORE this book and I can't wait to have the hard cover copy when it comes out and I don't normally fork out for those.
  • Guilty Pleasures on Jan. 09, 2011

    Guilty Pleasures is a book that i love because of the love story. It's about a husband and wife who have reached a stage in their marriage where their sex life is very unfullfilling, almost non existent. However, sparks still fly between Vivian and her husband, the issue is that they fly in what society would call very politically incorrect situations. Vivian goes through therapy and an education, we read about Dominants plural, submissives, parts of the BDSM scene as well as taboos and parts of BDSM which i will come to in a minute. There is much about role play in mainstream sex, go to a shop and buy a nurse's outfit but what about fullfillment of "fetishes?" What about actual Domination? Where a woman, a girl as termed in BDSM, is disciplined and sometimes punished with a cane, a whip and a hand..what if she enjoys it all and what if she orgasms after she is forced to? Kitty Thomas' books are about fullfillment of sexuality and sexuality can't be acted or lied about. i enjoyed her first book Comfort Food and Guilty Pleasures is no less of a book. i found a lot of strength in Guilty Pleasures, in all the characters and most lovingly in Vivian's husband. Some people talk about twists but for me it really does come down to that cliche, that it's all about the journey. It's the fact that someone won't give up, they choose not to very clearly, their endurance, strength of character and love, that is the reason i will keep coming back to this book. Also, Vivian is a decent character, there's a situation where another woman stares her down and Vivian stands up for herself with diplomacy, quickness and intelligence, it's heroines like this, it doesn't matter if they are BBW, trophy wives, whatever appearance the author chooses to give them, that make me root for them. i look forward to Kitty's next book, she is a wonderful author.